What to do when your windows are shattered

Windows are an integral part of every home. Because of windows, you can still see the outside of your home even if you do not want the wind to go inside your window. There are different types of glass that you can have for your windows. In terms of window types, there are also a lot of window types that you can choose from.

In terms of car windows, you can also get your glass out of any durable material. One of the significant problems that you may face in having windows is the possibility of shattering once an object hits them. Whether a car or home windows, there are ways that you can do to prevent windows from getting smashed or what to do when windows get broken.

What are the quickest repairs for broken windows? 

A window needs to be closed, especially in winter. One of the most common causes of why windows get smashed is because of small hailstones. Once your window has a crack, there is a huge possibility that the crack will spread and ultimately break your window open once a strong wind comes. Here are some things you can do.

For smaller cracks, you can patch the crack by applying transparent shellac or nail varnish to fill the crack. This process may take a long time because you need to put on new layers after the old ones have dried until it is flush with the rest of the window. You can also use super glue to fill more significant cracks. Again, it would be best if you also dried this area.

Another temporary solution that you can apply for your window is using masking or clear packing tape on both sides of the window. This method only works if you can reach both sides of the window pane. This method will not work if you do this in winter because the wind will undoubtedly hinder the adhesive ability of the tape.

What should you do if your windows are scattered? 

If your windows are shattered, you should wear protective gloves and eye protection before picking the broken pieces out. If you are finished pecking the window shard, you should tape them securely within the empty frame. After taping the broken shards, you can now put it in a garbage bag. Remember to sweep the floor for small pieces of glass.

How do you make your windows stronger? 

One way of making your windows stronger is by having a glass that can withstand colossal impact. There are kinds of glass that are nearly bulletproof, which you can use for your windows. Another way of making your windows stronger is by installing security window films in your window.

Having security window films makes your window nearly unbreakable, and they hold the pieces of glass together once the windows shatter. Security window films also protect the interior of your house from the UV rays that the sun produces. Security window films are also necessary if you want to reduce glare on your home.

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