Six Types of Automotive Window Tint Films [Infographic]

Many car owners are paying more attention to their health, safety, and privacy while on the road. Because of this, more drivers are applying window tint films on their car windows. Window tints are thin, multi-layered polyester materials that reduce UV radiation, solar heat, and glare and increase the vehicle’s security, safety, and privacy.

But before committing to car window tinting, it is always a good idea for vehicle owners to explore all options. Here are the six common types of window tint films for vehicles, along with their benefits and drawbacks:

Dyed Window Tint Film

The dyed window tint film is the most common type of window tinting product and is most economical for those with a limited budget. This type of window tint film is perfect for car owners wanting to improve their vehicle’s appearance. But even though it is often utilized for enhancing visual aesthetics, it can still block 5 to 50 per cent of light entering the car and increase the car’s privacy.

However, there is a downside to the affordability of dyed tints. These types of window tint films fade over time. Therefore, car owners will need to replace them eventually to keep enjoying the advantages provided by this tint.

Metalized Window Tint Film

Metalized window tint films are commonly used to reflect the sun’s solar heat and UV rays, enabling the vehicle to maintain a cool temperature. These window tints have embedded metal microparticles within the films to aid in their UV reflection features. In addition, these particles also support the car’s windows, increasing its strength and reducing its likelihood of shattering when broken.

But, despite the reflective properties and high durability of metalized window tint films, these also have drawbacks. They are more expensive than dyed window tint films and are prone to signal interference.

Hybrid Window Tint Film

Hybrid window tint films are a combination of dyed tints and metalized window tint films. They take advantage of dyed window tint’s privacy features and metalized tint’s UV reflective properties, high durability, and scratch resistance.

However, hybrid window tinting technology is not cheap. Thus, this type of window tint film may be more expensive. Consequently, as hybrid tints have the reflective qualities of metalized window tint films, vehicle owners will also have signal interference if they apply this type of window tint on their vehicle’s windows.

Carbon Window Tinting

Carbon window tint films might be one of the best types of window tinting products as they provide many benefits to vehicle owners. These tint films have embedded carbon particles, enabling them to block up to 40% infrared radiation (IR) that is responsible for raising a car’s internal temperature as well as provide insulation in the car. This means they effectively keep the car from heating up during hot summer days and keep heat trapped inside the vehicle during the winter, making it more energy-efficient.

Carbon tint films can also be an excellent investment for vehicle owners as they are durable and do not fade. They also have a unique matte finish, which helps increase the aesthetic appeal of the vehicle’s exterior upholstery. However, like hybrid window tints, carbon window tint films can be more expensive than other kinds of window tinting products.

Crystalline Window Tint

Crystalline window tint films are multi-layered tint films that are almost clear in appearance. These window films are perfect for vehicle owners who want protection against the sun’s UV rays and solar heat but do not want darker windows.

Consequently, as crystalline films are transparent, these are not the best option for people who wants to improve their car’s privacy.

Ceramic Window Tint

Ceramic window tints are newer film alternatives available in the market. This type of window tint utilizes non-conductive ceramic micro-particles, enabling the films to block up to 99% of UV rays without interfering with cell or radio signals. Ceramic tint films also have the ability to reduce glare and increase the strength and shatter resistance of the windows.

With the superior efficacy of ceramic tints, it is unsurprising that it is the most expensive of all types of window tint films. But, even when ceramic window tints have high price tags in the market, these are great investments for car owners as they will reap more significant advantages.

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