The Advantages and Disadvantages of Window Tints

photo-1567324861630-8a33e19c0416 Window tints are thin protective films applied to windows, which, for some people, is mainly used for aesthetics. However, window tinting offers more advantages to car and homeowners than improving the home’s or vehicle’s appearance. Advantages If you are interested in having window tints installed on your car or home windows, you should be aware of [...]

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Four Best Window Film Options for Privacy

Window films have an array of purposes, from protecting you against the sun's harmful UV rays, lessening the impact of glare, to keeping your home or office's temperature [...]

Tips on How to Maintain Tinted Windows

Window tinting is considered a worthwhile investment as it provides you a wide array of benefits, including protection from harmful sun rays and solar heat. It also offers [...]

Is there a night vision window film?[Infographics]

Window films are essential tools you should have on your home or car windows. The best benefit that window films can give you is their protection from ultraviolet rays and [...]

What you need to know about natural lighting [Infographics]

One of the reasons why your electric bill is skyrocketing is because of the light that you use at home. One of the best ways to minimize your energy consumption is to use an [...]

Understanding the difference between window film and window tint

One of the best investments you can have for your home and car windows is getting window tints installed. Almost everyone who owns a car tints their window because they [...]

Car interior Do’s and Dont’s

If you own a vehicle, you probably know and understand the concept of maintaining your vehicle. Just as it is vital to keep the colour and preserve the outside of your vehicle [...]

How Tinted Windows Help with Holiday Safety

People love to travel during the holidays. Most of the time, people go to different places during this season because they have received their Christmas bonuses, and most [...]

Are window tints a good Christmas gift?

The season of loving and gift-giving is just around the corner, and you want to give the best gifts for your loved ones. Despite the pandemic, you can still show the Christmas [...]

Common vehicular problems during winter [Infographics]

Winter is coming, and this means that the holiday season is also approaching. As the season of gift-giving and Santa Claus emerges, you should be prepared to take your car to [...]

How do you keep your vehicle warm during the holidays? [Infographics]

There are instances where your car suddenly stops in the middle of the road during winter because of the temperature that you have to jump-start your batteries. Keeping your [...]

The danger of flying debris

When high-powered machinery is used to cut, break up, or dismantle materials, pieces of debris are often flung in the air at dangerous speeds. When using a saw, drill, or wood [...]

Top causes of window smashing

Spontaneous glass breakage is a phenomenon by which toughened glass (or tempered) may spontaneously break without any apparent reason. On the other hand, most windows are [...]

Car care materials you should have [INFOGPRAHIC]

Having a vehicle is one of the dreams of many people. As a vehicle owner, you have to take good care of your car and ensure that it is well-maintained. A driver should also [...]

Things you should never do to your car [Infographics]

Car care and maintenance are necessary if you plan to own a vehicle. As a car owner, you should know the basics of taking care of your car, like basic car detailing and [...]

Causes of driving distractions

Millions of accidents occur in the United States alone every year. There are many reasons why accidents occur every day. However, the leading cause of accidents among drivers [...]

Should you tint your commercial space?

In your home and vehicle, having window tints is an excellent benefit for homes and cars. People who tint their windows never regret this decision because it would take years [...]

How long can a tint last before peeling? – Infographics

One of the best commodities that you should install on your car windows is window tints. Window tints offer protection of all sorts for a vehicle. Perhaps, the best precaution [...]

Tips for first time drivers [INFOGRAPHICS]

Do you still remember your feeling the first time you held the steering wheel while someone is teaching you? Everyone feels afraid in their first time driving, and if you are [...]