Benefits of Decorative Window Films on Your Property

photo-1512917774080-9991f1c4c750 Window films have been popular among car owners because of the numerous benefits it gives. But aside from vehicles, window films can also be applied to your properties. These films are thin coating applied to windows and other glass surfaces as a type of treatment. Window films are designed to provide an additional layer of insulation and protection against [...]

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5 Common Causes of Car Glass Damage

Cars need to be maintained to ensure its longevity, but several factors such as travel, extreme temperature, and weather changes can make maintaining your car much difficult. [...]

Ways to Keep Your Car Cool This Summer [Infographics]

Many people love the warmth of the summer months or the idea of enjoying outdoor activities. But for drivers, the summer heat can also be dreadful. The hot temperatures during [...]

How to Measure Window Tint Darkness

Window tinting is not a new process for car owners. The benefits of car tints may have been the reason why drivers are encouraged to install one. As we all know, these tints [...]

Telltale Signs of Good (and Bad) Window Tinting

In this day and age where everything is usually fast paced, having your own car is slowly becoming more of a necessity than a luxury. Owning one can save you a lot from the [...]

Reasons to Reconsider DIY Window Tinting

Window tints offer protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays, which can cause skin damage and fading of your home’s furniture or your car’s upholstery. They also help [...]

The Best Type of Window Film for Your Commercial Space [Infographics]

Commercial spaces generally have large windows to increase their architectural appeal and effectually display merchandise. In addition, big windows in commercial buildings [...]

How to Protect Yourself from the Adverse Effects of Excessive UV Light Exposure [Infographics]

Ultraviolet radiation from the sun is essential to the body. It helps stimulate vitamin D production, which has a significant role in enhancing the person’s general [...]

What to Lookout for When Selecting a Window Tinting Company? [Infographics]

Various factors can impact the quality of tint installation, whether on the window glass of your car or home. Therefore, aside from considering the type of window tint as well [...]

Ways to Improve Your Car’s Fuel Economy

As fuel prices are consistently well above £1 per litre, it is essential to make the most out of every drop of your engine oil. To do so, you need to change your driving [...]

Important Questions to Ask Before Tinting Your Car [ Infographics]

Car window tinting provides various benefits to the driver and their passengers as well as the vehicle itself. Such benefits include upgrading the vehicle's physical [...]

Common Problems on Tinted Windows and How to Fix Them

Window tinting is has become an excellent investment among car owners and homeowners because of the various advantages window tint films offer. Such advantages include [...]

How Window Tints Improve Quality of Sleep

Sleep is just as important as eating healthy food and getting enough exercise. It helps people recover from mental and physical exertion, allowing them to maintain good [...]

How to Safely Remove Window Tints [Infographics]

Window films or window tints have a limited life expectancy, like everything else. Generally, high-quality tint films last for at least five years. Still, its longevity can be [...]

Car Care and Maintenance Tips to Keep an Aging Vehicle in Good Condition [Infographics]

Vehicles play a huge role in anyone’s life. These provide people comfort and convenience when traveling to work or school and running errands. Hence, with these advantages, [...]

How to Remove Bubbles in Window Tints [Infographics]

Window tints improve a car's aesthetics and protect car drivers from the sun's harmful UV rays and reduce the solar heat coming in the vehicle, allowing it to maintain a cool [...]

Car Window Tinting Myths and Facts [Infographics]

There are many misconceptions surrounding car window tints, which often hold back vehicle owners from having them installed. While some of these myths are based on facts, [...]

Window Tinting Scams: How to Spot and Avoid One [Infographics]

The car window tinting industry is not safe from scammers who would do everything to rip-off customers. While thousands of reputable car tinting companies will cater to your [...]

How to Keep Your Car from Overheating

Almost all automobiles in this day have engines that can run on an average temperature of 195 to 220 degrees. Some vehicles also have sophisticated cooling systems equipped [...]