Most Common Levels of Window Tint (Infographic)

Levels of Window Tint Many car owners who are still deciding whether to have their cars tinted are often overwhelmed with all the factors to consider. Some consider the whole process to technical, when in fact, it is not that bad. One of the most important things to decide upon is the level of car window tint you want for your vehicle. This will not only determine the [...]

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How to Save Money on Getting my Car Windows Tinted?

Specialst in car window tinting
Having your car windows tinted might be one of the the best decisions you’ve made for your vehicle, your safety and convenience without you realizing it.  While many [...]

How Much Will Your Car Tinting Cost?

car window tinting
Many people today acknowledge the importance of having their window cars tinted, not only for the benefits it provides its passengers, but also for the classier, edgier [...]

Car Driving Tips for Beginners (Infographic)

Car driving tips for beginners
Driving is not hard. In fact, seasoned drivers know it like the back of their hands. However, there are still many unpredictable things that can happen on the road which makes [...]

How to Prepare Your Car For Window Tinting?

Prepare Your Car For Window Tinting
Deciding to finally have your car windows tinted is one of the best favors you did for yourself. Aside from making your ride classier on the exterior, you also protect the [...]

Car Window Tint Film: UV Blocking and Heat Rejection (Infographic)

Car Window Tint Film UV Blocking and Heat Rejection
One of the most important benefits of having your car windows tinted is the protection it gives from the harmful rays of the sun. It is a common misconception of people to [...]

The Best Season for Tinting

Best Season for Tinting
While choosing to have your windows tinted is a great decision, you should take care to have this process done during the best season. Is there really a more ideal season [...]

How To Avoid Automotive Window Tinting Nightmare

Car window tinting nightmare
Not everybody is lucky enough to have a flawlessly tinted car windows. Maybe because they opted to trust their skills and buy a DIY tinting kit, readily available in the [...]

The Most Common Types of Tint Film Used in the UK (Infographic)

The Most Common Types of Tint Film Used in the UK
In a time when everybody is already pays more concern to their health, privacy, and safety on the road, more and more car owners make it a priority to have their car windows [...]

Car Tinting 101

car tinting 101
Before having your vehicles tinted, it is important that you know a thing or two about the whole process, do’s and don'ts of having tinted windows, and some secrets of [...]

Window Tinting Trends in 2019 (Infographic)

Window Tinting Trends
The car window tinting technology has come a long way from its humble roots. It is more fascinating to realize that today, there are now more tangential benefits to window [...]

The History of Car Window Tinting (Infographic)

The History of Window Tinting 1
Car tinting has come a long way from its roots. Since more and more car owners are realizing its importance and the benefits it can provide to the safety, security, comfort, [...]

7 Tips to Keep Your Car Clean Through Winter (Infographic)

7 Tips to Keep Your Car Clean Through Winter-02
Cars are meant to get dirty, especially during winter. Imagine wading through snowy roads and people delaying a car wash during this time because of the cold, it is not [...]

Window Tint Percentage Comparison

applyiing window film
While all tints aim to promote privacy while still allowing plenty of light and visibility inside, the darkness of tints still vary based on the level or percentage. Film [...]

5 Ways to Protect Your Car From Smash and Grab Criminals (Infographic)

Ways to Protect Your Car From Smash and Grab Criminals
Not all the things that happen during the holiday season is bright and happy. Although most people may embrace the Christmas cheer and spirit, some mat take advantage of the [...]

How to Prepare Your Car For Winter Weather (Infographic)

How to Prepare Your Car For Winter Weather
Did you know that similar to how the human body reacts to the cold weather, your cars can be affected, or worse, damaged by the very cold temperature too? The winter season [...]

Safe Travel Tips For Your Holiday Season

Holiday Road Trip
Going on road trips is one of the most effective ways to relieve stress from work and other stressors, especially during the holidays. After all, everybody deserves to [...]

Why Car Window Tinting is a Perfect Gift This Holiday Season (Infographic)

Why car window tinting is a perfect gift this holiday season 1
November is almost over and it just means that Christmas is already around the corner. As the year is ready to come to a close, many people start to feel the holiday spirit [...]

Car Window Tint – DIY Tips and Secrets

car window tint film
Some car owners find car window tinting really expensive and some form of luxury for their vehicle, which hinder them from the decision of finally having it tinted. [...]