Professional vs DIY Window Tinting: Which Is the Better Option for Your Vehicle? [Infographic]

Capture Window tinting is the process of installing window tint films on the interior side of a glass window. Although, in essence, this may be perceived as a straightforward task, doing the actual procedure can be challenging as it requires accuracy and demands attention to detail. When you decide to invest in the car window tinting Swindon, you have two [...]

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What Frosted Window Film Can Do for Your Home [Infographic]

You have a wide range of reasons to install a window film. You can install a window film to improve your home’s privacy, add an extra layer of insulation to your windows, [...]

Photoprotection: Does Window Tint Prevent Skin Cancer?

Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation is one of the major factors that cause skin cancer. It is nice to travel and drive your car under the sun; however, your risk [...]

The Risks of Driving without Window Tints

There are multiple reasons for having a window tint for your car. Window tinting allows you to improve your car’s aesthetic appeal, increase the safety functions of the [...]

How Residential Window Films Can Add Value to Your Home [Infographic]

A home is among the significant life achievements an individual or a family can incur in their life. In addition, many homeowners consider their house properties as an [...]

Perfect Window Tints for Residential Use

Window tints have been prominent for car owners because of the numerous advantages it brings. But aside from the benefits it provides for vehicles, window tints also offer [...]

6 Habits That Might Be Detrimental to Your Tinted Car Windows [Infographics]

Installing window tints on your car’s glass windows can be considered a significant investment. Window tint films can improve your vehicle’s visual aesthetics, provide you [...]

Window Replacement VS Window Tinting: Which is More Economical? [Infographic]

The windows play a significant role in illuminating the spaces in your home and promoting health by letting in natural light. As the windows allow you to leverage natural [...]

Tips on Choosing the Right Car Window Tint

Every car owner only wishes nothing but the best for their vehicles. And it is entirely normal to seek the best car investment there is. With that in mind, window tinting [...]

Problems Faced After Tinting Windows

Window tints are thin laminate films installed on the interior or exterior part of glass surfaces. These tints are usually used for cars and properties. And through time, it [...]

What You Should Know About Window Tint Film Warranties [Infographics]

Window tinting promises a remarkable return on investment, providing car and home owners various benefits. Such benefits include blocking harmful UV rays, protecting the [...]

A Guide to UK Car Modification Laws [Infographics]

While there are many ways to upgrade a car's efficiency and aesthetic appearance, doing some of these modifications on your vehicle could affect its behaviour on the road and [...]

Benefits of Decorative Window Films on Your Property

Window films have been popular among car owners because of the numerous benefits it gives. But aside from vehicles, window films can also be applied to your properties. These [...]

5 Common Causes of Car Glass Damage

Cars need to be maintained to ensure its longevity, but several factors such as travel, extreme temperature, and weather changes can make maintaining your car much difficult. [...]

Ways to Keep Your Car Cool This Summer [Infographics]

Many people love the warmth of the summer months or the idea of enjoying outdoor activities. But for drivers, the summer heat can also be dreadful. The hot temperatures during [...]

How to Measure Window Tint Darkness

Window tinting is not a new process for car owners. The benefits of car tints may have been the reason why drivers are encouraged to install one. As we all know, these tints [...]

Telltale Signs of Good (and Bad) Window Tinting

In this day and age where everything is usually fast paced, having your own car is slowly becoming more of a necessity than a luxury. Owning one can save you a lot from the [...]

Reasons to Reconsider DIY Window Tinting

Window tints offer protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays, which can cause skin damage and fading of your home’s furniture or your car’s upholstery. They also help [...]

The Best Type of Window Film for Your Commercial Space [Infographics]

Commercial spaces generally have large windows to increase their architectural appeal and effectually display merchandise. In addition, big windows in commercial buildings [...]