How Residential Window Films Can Add Value to Your Home [Infographic]

A home is among the significant life achievements an individual or a family can incur in their life. In addition, many homeowners consider their house properties as an investment in their financial future.

Aside from ensuring regular mortgage payments to build up your home’s equity, it would be best if you also considered upgrades and changes to increase further your house’s value. Such upgrades and changes include sprucing up your home’s landscape, upgrading furniture, fixtures, and finishes in the kitchen and bathroom, and investing in energy-efficient systems and appliances.

But, apart from these, you can also opt to install residential window films on their glass windows. Window tinting is an easy and cost-effective way to increase your home’s value. Here is how residential window tinting can add value to your home:

It Enhances Your Home’s General Attractiveness

The windows are among the housing components that add to the curb appeal of your home. Thus, installing window tints on these can enhance their looks, which in turn boosts your home’s overall exterior beauty.

In addition, window tinting can also enhance the attractiveness of your home’s interior. Window tint films can reduce damage or fading of furniture and hardwood flooring caused by the ultraviolet radiation that enters the house through the glass window.

Faded or damaged fixtures and finishes can make your home look old. In contrast, if your furniture and floorings show no signs of premature aging caused by the sun’s UV rays, it can give people an impression that your home is well-maintained.

It Makes Your Home More Energy-Efficient

Besides replacing your old systems and appliances with newer models that are more energy-efficient, installing residential window films can also help in energy conservation.

The ultraviolet radiation and solar heat from the sun penetrate inside your home through your glass windows. While these are most commonly seen as factors that cause furniture and floorings to fade, UV rays and solar heat also contribute to your increasing utility costs. These account for about one-third of your home energy bills.

Window tint films can improve your home’s energy efficiency as these can block up to 99% of UV rays as well as solar heat for up to 86%. Adding a thin layer of insulation to the windows will help your home maintain consistent temperatures; thereby, allowing you to reduce the need to keep the heating and cooling systems running to keep your home comfortable during the summer and winter seasons.

It Provides Increased Security, Safety, and Privacy

Your home is the place where you and your family can feel safe and secure not only from the outdoor elements and other natural disasters but also from the prying eyes of strangers and potential criminals. While your windows allow you to leverage natural sunlight and enjoy the view outside your home, particularly when you live in a neighbourhood with beautiful scenery, they can be used by malicious strangers to look into your home easily.

Adding a window tint on your glass window can make your home as private as possible against the prying eyes of your nosy neighbours and even people walking by. Accordingly, window tinting can also increase the security and safety of your home. Window tint films have shatterproof features, preventing burglars from easily accessing your home through the window, as well as help keep the glass from shattering everywhere during innocent accidents and natural disasters. Thereby, window tinting can protect your family as well as your belongings.


Although there are various home improvements that you can do to boost your home’s value, selecting to install tint films on your glass window is an excellent investment that can add value to your home. Moreover, choosing the right type of residential window tint will not only help you give your home a sleek look, both inside and outside, but also improve its energy efficiency, security, safety, and privacy.

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