The Five Types of Residential Window Films

One of the best ways to protect your home windows is through residential window films. Some of the benefits of having residential films are blocking UV rays from entering your home. Residential window films also reduce the heat that comes inside your home. This means that your cost of ventilation will decrease as well.

Just like tints used for vehicles, there are different types of residential window tint films as well. Each of the different types of residential window films has its function, and knowing the best kind of residential window film for you ensures that you get the best tint for your home. Here are the five types of residential tints that you can choose from.

Solar control film Solar control films are also called as Low-E film. The primary function of solar control films is blocking UV rays from coming inside your home. Because of UV rays, your belongings and furniture’s color might fade sooner. Solar control films allow you to have natural light inside your home without harming your belongings.

Security window film

If you own a business, the best residential window film for you is a security window film. Security window films are also the right choice if your home has precious items inside. Security films are darker than other types to discourage potential intruders. Security window films also make your windows harder to shatter.

Storm security film

Storm security films are like regular security films. The difference between the two is the capability of storm security films to hold broken window shards despite strong winds. If your area is experiencing whirlwind, storms, and hurricanes, it is best if you have storm security films installed on your home windows.

Decorative film

Decorative films are the thinnest among all the types of residential window films. Decorative window films are mostly installed on a window to serve as an aesthetic purpose. Decorative window films are primarily found in windows and glass doors in offices. However, some stores also put films outside their window for design.

Anti-Graffiti film

If you do not want people to vandalize your window, you can have anti-graffiti films installed. Anti-graffiti films are applied outside of a window to resist paint and pen graffiti. Anti-graffiti films are ideal because, in case there is writing, the writing can be easily scrubbed off because of the component of the window tint.

How do I choose a window tint?

When choosing a residential window tint type, you should always consider what you need most. It is also important where you want to install the residential window tint. Different types work perfectly for home, schools, or other establishments. You should also have your shades installed by a reputable window tinting company.

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