Window Tint Training (why 3-day tint courses are bad)

Like an art, car tinting should not be rushed. Every move should have its reason and every stroke should be calculated. But, unlike art, car tinting is not a talent, hence it can be learned through a rigorous set of training.

Because more and more people want to have their car windows tinted, more and more people want to put up tinting companies as well. The continuous demand has caused more companies to train ‘tinting specialists’ with the least possible time just to put up with the booming business.

Car Tinting, like art should not be rushed in any aspects applicable. No experts are made overnight—or in this case, three days. There are a lot of things that should be learned when it comes to tinting car windows. It is not enough that one knows the process of it, but it is also essential he masters it and knows the rationale behind the principles of flawless and high quality window tinting.


Why won’t three-day tinting trainings won’t work?

It takes from three to six months of active tinting (tinting at least three to four times per week) to acquire the skills necessary to tint automobiles professionally. Add to that the vast types of lessons and courses you should know, understand and learn by heart.

More often than not, three-day tinting courses just teach the basics: what you need to know and how to do it. No background, no reasons behind the practices, no values are passed on.

How can you learn about the equipment, workspace, cleaning and preparation? Or about how to correctly clean and prepare each type of window so that you get the cleanest tint jobs? Or will you possibly master tinting different types of windows such as: fixed side windows, roll down windows and rear windscreens?

Aside from that, these three-day tinting courses that are common nowadays usually don’t cover tint removal, which is also one crucial part of being a tint specialist.

It would be awful to think that people trust these tinting specialists with their vehicles, which they have bought with their hard-earned money, a property that they value a lot. But, would a three-day training suffice?

Learning the process is entirely different in training to do it properly. Some people learn fast, but when it comes to application, they fail or do poorly. Three-day tinting trainings prioritize fast learners, without really polishing their skills and ensuring that they will carry out what they’ve learned with every vehicle they will handle.

Because the duration of their training was fast-paced, it would be possible that trainees under such programs do their tinting job hastily, thinking that they’ve learned the craft in three days, what can go wrong?
What these three-day tinting training providers fail to realize that its not always about the quantity of tinting specialists they produce, but the quality of them, whether they have honed their skills, inspired their passion and passed on the value of treating each car and customer they handle with utmost importance, not merely as a paying customer, but someone who put their trust on them to do a great job.

window tint 3Aside from that, these kind of tinting training courses are unfair to their trainees, too. Instead of providing them with everything they have to know about tinting and the business, they teach only the basics, putting a bar—they will be only be employees; no additional knowledge to level up their tinting careers. Without the additional information on handling a tinting business which other tint trainings provide, these three-day courses obviously can’t offer additional lessons, especially on managing and handling their own tinting companies. What happens if these trainees wanted to start their own? Should they avail other courses and training programs that will develop them holistically, not just tint specialists, but also heads of their own tinting business?

At the end of the day, it is quite obvious why three-day tinting trainings are no good, especially if compared to more cohesive and comprehensive trainings which cover the basic knowledge, additional information and tips, as well as develop not only their skills, but hone their personality to be the best tint specialist, and eventually and potentially the boss of their own tinting business.