What to Lookout for When Selecting a Window Tinting Company? [Infographics]

Various factors can impact the quality of tint installation, whether on the window glass of your car or home. Therefore, aside from considering the type of window tint as well as shade or tone you want to be installed, you also must determine which window tinting company you should trust to provide you with the window tint and install the dye for you.

Finding the right window tinting service ensures that you can get high-quality results for the tinting of your windows. Here are five factors you must consider when looking for a window tinting company:

Years of Experience in the Industry

Before working with a window tinting company, it is vital to check how long the business has been operating in the industry. Time does not lie – being in the tinting industry for a long time means that car owners and homeowners have been trusting the shop for their tinting installation services.

While installing window tint films can be seen as a straightforward job, there is a big difference between the tinting outcomes of people who have experience and those who do not. Experienced window tinters pay close attention to detail in their work, ensuring that your car or home will have a professional look.

Types and Quality of Tint Films

There are different types of tint film, and each has its distinct benefits. Available tint film options in the market have varying levels of heat reduction, glare reduction, and UV ray blocking features. Other tint film options also offer unique benefits. Aside from protection against the sun’s damaging UV rays, some tint films provide an added layer of privacy and even safety.

Checking the types of tint available at the window tinting shop, as well as their quality, will allow you to choose the dye film that suits your needs.

Willingness to Work with Your Tinting Needs

To get the best result from window tinting, you need to communicate with the window tinting company. Therefore, you must look for a window tint installer that is willing to work with your needs. Though window tinters will have suggestions about what they think is the best option for your home or car, they should still comply with how you want things to be done or which tint film you want.

Suppose your window tinting contractor shows signs of frustration; in that case, you should not work with them as it is an indication that they are not willing to communicate or agree to take your specific needs for window tinting.

Fair Prices

Most commercial-grade tints are affordable, but they are never too expensive nor extremely cheap. The best window tinting company does not need to scam people as they can make enough profit by being honest to their customers and delivering high-quality tinting installation.

It would be best to ask different window tinting companies for a free estimate or quotation so you could compare prices. The best window tinting service will provide you with fair prices for tint installation that falls within the market standard. Suppose you encounter a service that offers a much lower price than the market standard or a higher price without any particular reason. In that case, it may either mean they are cutting corners or trying to rip you off – these are among the window tinting scams you need to avoid.


Besides checking if they offer fair prices, you also need to check if the window tinting service provides warranty policies to cover unexpected damage that the tint incurs over time. In case the window film experiences cracking, glazing, delamination, peeling, unusual colour change, or any other failure due to the manufacturer’s defect, your window tinting company will have your back and get it fixed.

It is best to look for a window tinting company that offers a warranty and after-service care. Various window tinting companies, such as Global Tint, even offer lifetime warranty and quality guarantee, providing lifetime protection to your investment.

Where can you have window tints installed?

If you are looking for a reputable company that offers window tinting in Reading and other UK locations, you could always go to Global Tint. If you wish for a free quote today, you can always contact us at 0800-158-8005. You may also visit our website at www.globaltint.co.uk to learn more about our services.