What are some window tinting equipment? (Infographic)

Tinting your car windows should be done if you want to protect you and your vehicle against the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Going to your local window tinting garage like Global Tint UK gets you the best deals when it comes to window tints. Tint films can also be relied upon for privacy.

When it comes to window tinting, having an idea of how the tinting process gets you better results. One thing that you should know about window tinting is the equipment that the window company uses. Knowing a company’s arsenal could be a basis if you should do business with that company.

Here are some tools that we at Global Tint use in tinting your vehicle windows.

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Window tinting solutions 

Window tint solutions (also known as window tinting aids) are chemicals that are used to make the film stick to the window. These solutions could either be an adhesive solution, adhesive dissolver, film polish, or glass cleaners. Global Tint utilizes these solutions to clean your windows or let the films get attached.

Knives and blades 

The knives used for window tinting should be the ones with special blades and handles so the window tint professionals can entirely cut the films without damaging your windows. Tinting knives look like cutters, but its blades have a different sharpness than them. Tinting knives can be bought if you wish to DIY your tints.

Scrapers and blades 

Besides window tinting knives, Global Tint UK also uses tools and blades in tinting car windows. Scrapers are used to straighten the films upon installing and make sure that there will be no bubbles left in the windows. At Global Tint, we use specialized scrapers to give our customers the best result possible.

Squeegee handles 

Squeegees are used to clean the windows before applying the window tints. Mostly, squeegees are used to collect dirt from the window after applying the cleaning solution to the window. Unlike rags, tinting squeegees can clean more thoroughly to the window and could get even the tiniest of dirt that may get stuck once the films are installed.

Spray bottles and replacement parts 

At Global Tint, we use state-of-the-art spray bottles with high-tech spraying power. Spray bottles are used to spray the cleaning solution or adhesive to the vehicle windows. For starters, you can always start with ordinary spray bottles when tinting windows. For legitimate window companies, they should never settle for less.

Should window tinting companies have these pieces of equipment? 

Yes, all window companies that are trusted should have these items to have the best tint job for their customers. As a customer, you should know that having this equipment should be a bare minimum if choosing a company to get your window tints installed.

If you want a credible window tinting company that does not use alternatives, you should always go to Global Tint UK. Global Tint UK has the best window tints, and we make sure that we tint your windows on a closed area where dust cannot accumulate. You can go to www.globaltint.co.uk for more information.