Ways to Prevent Graffiti and Vandalism Damage to Your Commercial Space [Infographic]

Graffiti and vandalism damage are bad for business. It can affect your business in several ways. Damage brought by vandalism can have a huge impact on your business’s cash flow as costs to remove graffiti and vandalism and repair damage require effort and money. In addition, it can also impact your commercial space’s valuation and have a negative effect on your business’s reputation.

Fortunately, there are many anti-graffiti strategies that you can implement. Here are five excellent ways to protect your commercial property against graffiti and vandalism damage:

Keep your Commercial Space Tidy

Messy and unkept commercial properties attract vandals. Untidy buildings give the impression that they are not routinely cared for and maintained and that no one is keeping a close eye on them, making them look like an easier target.

Thus, it is essential to conduct regular maintenance and cleaning of your commercial space. When you have clean, neat, and orderly premises, you can reduce your risk of getting graffiti and vandalism damage on your property.

Maintain Good Lighting

Most graffiti vandalism occurs at night when shops are closed. Vandals usually target areas that have insufficient lighting.

Maintaining good lighting within your property’s premises through installing floodlights and motion sensor lights is one of the most effective methods to prevent vandals from targeting your commercial space to conduct their activities.

It is essential to be strategic where you place them. Your lights should be located in the premises of your commercial space that seem to have insufficient lighting at night, and these should also be installed in out-of-reach areas to prevent anyone from possibly damaging it.

Install Security Cameras

If your commercial space is located in a graffiti-prone area, the installation of security cameras is an excellent move to deter individuals or groups from vandalising your property.

The mere presence of security cameras on your property can already intimidate a potential vandal and scare them off from drawing graffiti. Consequently, if someone still dares to vandalise your space, you can utilize the footage from the cameras and send it to the authorities. Footage of the incident can help in the investigation.

Apply Anti-Graffiti Paint

Another effective graffiti prevention strategy is to apply graffiti-preventing paint. This is a protective coating that helps prevent paint materials used by vandals from bonding to a building’s surface.

There are three types of anti-graffiti paint coatings: sacrificial, semi-sacrificial, and permanent coatings. Sacrificial coatings provide an added layer of protection, which can be easily removed with a pressure washer if the surface is vandalised. Semi-sacrificial coatings generally work as a primer that protects a wall’s surface pores. This type of coating can also be easily removed with a graffiti removal cleaner and a pressure washer when the surface is vandalised.

Both sacrificial and semi-sacrificial coatings will be removed when the surface is vandalised and also require the reapplication of a new layer to protect the surface from graffiti. On the other hand, permanent coatings only need one coat applied to the surface to prevent spray paint and other materials from bonding to it.

Install Anti-Graffiti Film

Aside from the walls of commercial space, vandals also utilize the windows to draw their graffiti.

One excellent way to shield your property’s glass windows is to install anti-graffiti window films. These types of window films act as a shield to protect your space against graffiti, vandalism, and accidental damage.

These window films have special adhesive, making the process of graffiti removal more straightforward. Professionals can easily and quickly remove the vandalised film and add a new film layer to provide your property’s external surface with a cleaner look.

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