Ways to Keep Your Car Cool This Summer [Infographics]

Many people love the warmth of the summer months or the idea of enjoying outdoor activities. But for drivers, the summer heat can also be dreadful. The hot temperatures during the season can cause a vehicle’s interior to become unbearably hot, resulting in an uncomfortable driving experience for most drivers.

While you cannot control the heat coming from the sun, you can do some things to keep your vehicle cool during the hottest season of the year. Here are the different ways you can reduce the sun’s heat from entering your vehicle’s interior and prevent a too-hot-for-comfort temperature.

Park Your Car in Shady Areas

Parking in the shade, whether under a tree or canopy, is among the easiest ways to keep your car cool during summer. By doing so, you can avoid directly exposing your front seats and steering wheel to the heat from the sun. Suppose you have nowhere else to park but in an open parking area; parking away from direct sunlight is also an excellent way to avoid direct heat from falling into your car’s upholstery.

Use Reflective Windscreen Shade

If you leave your car in an open parking area for long hours, tucking a reflective shade behind the sun visors can help rebound the sun’s rays and keep the vehicle’s interior in shadow. Blocking the sun’s heat from penetrating the car’s interior helps prevent touch-points like the steering wheel and gear lever from becoming too hot to touch or handle.

Leave Windows Slightly Open

Leaving your car windows slightly open is an excellent way to improve ventilation inside the cabin. This allows air to circulate through the car, precisely when the hot air inside rises.

While this method can keep your car cool, it is not advisable to leave the car window open just a crack if you park your vehicle outdoors or you will be away for an extended amount of time.

Maintain Aircon Efficiency

Aside from the various ways to keep your vehicle cool while parked, you can also do other things to keep it cool while you drive. And one way is to keep your car’s air conditioning system maintained.

You need to check if there are blockage issues in the air filters and AC condensers. Such problems can prevent airflow over cooling coils, affecting the quality of air blowing into the car’s cabin. You also need to replace or refill your refrigerant fluids, particularly when you notice that your AC ducts are not blowing enough cool air even if you have put the system at maximum.

Get Your Windows Tinted

Tinting your car windows is another excellent way to keep your vehicle’s cabin cool during the summer season. Window tints can block the sun’s UV rays and solar heat from penetrating the vehicle’s interior, helping reduce the heat present in the car.

Furthermore, installing window tints provides more benefits for you and your car, apart from blocking the heat from the sun. Tint dyes can protect the vehicle’s upholstery from losing its colour and reduce glare from the sun. In addition, window tinting also protects you and your passengers from the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays.

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