UK Car Accident Statistics and How to Avoid Them (Infographic)

UK car accident statistics and how to avoid them

You probably do everything to ensure that you will arrive at your destination safely every time you take the wheel. Even your parliament is doing everything they can to reduce the number of car accidents by implementing traffic regulations and mandating a license for anyone willing to drive.

Despite the efforts of the government and the individual, vehicular accidents still happen. According to statistics, every person who ever lived will be at least involved in one vehicular accident, and it only differs on the severity of the accidents. The excellent news is that the United Kingdom is one of the safest countries in the world to drive in.

According to the 2019 IRTAD Road Safety Annual Report, the deaths that car accident cause in the UK is extremely low. There were two vehicular accident deaths per 100,000 inhabitants. Despite the decrease in road accident fatalities in general, the number of car accidents in urban areas is increasing.

In the United Kingdom, the number of persons killed on urban roads increased by 6.6%. This is an alarming rate since more than 80% of the people in the UK live in urban areas. Compared last year, there was a 4% increase in the number of deaths or serious injuries caused by car accidents.

So, how do you prevent accidents from happening? 

The best way for you to prevent a car accident from happening is to take care of yourself and your vehicle first. In this way, you do not only make driving safer your you but also for other people driving as well. Consideration towards others goes a long way, and some efforts to show concern is maintaining your vehicle.

Before driving, always check if your engine and brakes are in good condition. Going to your mechanic once in a while can also be beneficial.

Another way of preventing accidents is driving sober. If you will be going to a party or anywhere where alcohol is present, it is better to go to the destination through Uber or other ride-sharing services. In the UK (except Scotland), it is a violation driving with more than 0.8 g/l blood alcohol content.

Traffic rules and signs are made to make everyone safe and reduce traffic jams, and if you follow them like most drivers in the UK, it would be a lot of help to you and other drivers. Some people break basic traffic rules like texting while driving or violating the predetermined speed limit.

If you need to respond to a text or phone call, you should pull over to the road instead of answering it while driving. And if you need to be in a place for a specific time, you should always be prepared earlier and not break the predetermined speed limit.

Another accident prevention tip that most people do not know is having window tints installed on their car windows. Car windows can reduce the glare that the sun causes and beams from headlights. However, shades can also cause accidents if you set your darkness level high. To prevent this, you can always ask your window tint provider and abide by the laws of your country regarding how dark tints could be.

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