Types of Home Windows

When building a home, one of the crucial considerations that you should keep is the windows. The windows provide protection and, at the same time, a view of what the outside of your house looks like. Windows are also there to provide sunlight and a breeze of air if you want to.

Windows provide lighting and ventilation. Because of their functionality, there are several types of windows that homeowners can choose from. Some window types are ideal for airflow, while others are made for lighting. Here are some window types that you can have for your home.

Slider windows 

Slider windows, also known as horizontal roller windows Slider windows, are known for their simplicity, and because of this, slider windows are mostly inexpensive. Sliders glide sideways along a track using mechanical parts and have a lock at the side. Slider windows are high for ventilation and provide a great view.

Casement windows 

Casement windows are windows that have a hinged handle or crank on the left or right side. These windows can be opened outward either horizontally or vertically. Casement windows come in different sizes and are made in a single pane of glass. Casement windows are usually tight and are ideal for places with a scorching climate.

Double-hung windows 

Double-hung windows are open from either upward or downward. The difference between double-hung and casement windows is that they remain inside the frame without protruding in or out. Double-hung windows are easy to clean and provide excellent ventilation for your home.

Single-hung windows 

Just like a double-hung window, a single-hung window is a window made of aluminum with two separate frames. The difference of a single-hung window from a double-hung window is that only the bottom window opens in a single-hung window. This type of window has a classic decorative appearance and fits with most decor styles.

Awning windows 

Awning windows open outward to let air pass through the left and right while being hinged at the top. Awning windows are also called projected windows, and they are operated with a crank like a casement and hung windows. Awning windows are usually paired with large stationary windows above doors for ventilation.

Transom window

This narrow window can be either operating or stationary and is often mounted above a window or door to let in more light. They are traditionally fan-shaped and often strictly decorative. However, in modern architecture, ventilating transoms are usually rectangular and used in spa-like bathrooms.

Roof window 

A roof window is also called a skyline. A skyline can be opened for ventilation. Most of the time, skylines are installed to provide lighting on attics, upstairs spaces, or high ceilings in rooms with limited wall space. Unlike most windows, roof windows have a shorter lifespan because of sun and rain that beats the windows.

Whatever windows you want to have, it is best if your windows have tints installed on them. Window tints provide 99% protection against UV rays. Window tints also offer privacy and security for your home. Window tints can also make your windows safer as they bind shards when the glass breaks.

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