Top Road Trip Destinations in the UK (Infographic)

The United Kingdom is known for many things. You can mention British bands like Motorhead, The Beatles, and Pink Floyd; William Shakespeare, David Beckham, football, and the Royal family.

Through the years, the UK has been rich with history. Even with a small geographical size, the United Kingdom has influenced the world with its culture.

No one can deny how the beautiful the UK is, not even the 39.2 million visitors in 2017 who spend £24.5 billion. There are cities which you can cruise around every night and breath-taking views that are truly picturesque.

If you are ever planning to visit this land with 200,000 road miles, you should never forget to visit sites that are considered as landmarks in the UK. If you are planning a road trip, make sure that you go to their tourist destinations but let me remind you, the road itself is as good as the destinations.

Top Road Trip Destinations in the UK