Top burglar entry points [Infographics]

We all want our family to be safe from intruders and potential criminals. This sense of protection is the reason why many families purchase home security systems and other protective measures. As a homeowner, it is essential to protect possible entry points and passageways to prevent burglaries.

Especially if you live in a gated community, you may think that burglary may not occur. Unfortunately, breaking in someone’s home is easier than you may think. Movies and television shows may show scenes of an elaborate heist. Most houses do not need a concrete plan to have the things inside it stolen.

If you want to protect your family, here are some entry points where burglars usually attack and what you can do to secure them.

The front door 

Technology has improved every person’s way of living over the years, and there are security systems that can be installed on your front door. However, most doors today still use the same key and knob mechanism. Using a knob that requires biometrics to open can be a huge help in protecting your family.

Climbable trees or tables 

While some vegetation can keep burglars away from neighbors’ eyes, some plants can provide a burglar a direct path into your home. Trees can attract burglars because they can be a gateway to climbing over your house and entering through the second-floor window. You should maintain your trees only to a height where people can’t climb.

Garage door 

Garages are one of the main targets of burglars because they contain valuable items like vehicles, tools, and old expensive items that cannot be stored at home. Thieves also know that the garage door is also another gateway inside their house. It would be best if you locked your garage and the connecting door to your home.

The back door 

Many homeowners leave their back door open because they think that no one will notice. Some backdoors even have a glass panel, which makes it easier to destroy. If you want to make your backdoor safer, use metallic doors instead of glass doors. Having extra locks can also make your home safer from burglars.


Perhaps, the windows are the easiest passageway for a burglar to come inside your home. Windows can easily break, and some are even left unlocked. Installing window bars can make the window inaccessible for burglars to enter. And if you want to have stronger windows, then the option that you can have is to tint your windows.

Window tints can make your windows nearly unbreakable. One person needs extra effort to smash tinted windows. And if ever your windows get broken, the films will stick the broken glass. If you have valuable items on your home, you can even have your windows bulletproof.

Where can I get window tints installed?

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