Top 5 Window Tints for your Home 2021

In the summer season, staying at home can be a luxury as you don’t have to deal with the heat outside. However, the sun on a window can make it difficult for you to stay inside, it would be best to check and install a window tint.

Window tinting is known for its many benefits; it can be an alternative to blinds or curtains, provide privacy, and make the home more energy-efficient. Moreover, if you plan to install a window tint for your home, you can check these top five films to help you decide which one you will get.

Heat Blocking Window Tint

When you need a solid window tint to block the heat from penetrating through your windows, this is the perfect tint for you. Heat-blocking window tint films are often installed on home windows to avoid having a hot temperature inside the home during the day.

This window tint can also block 85% of infrared rays and has 25% visible light transmission. Both benefits can darken your room or office as well as it will give you some privacy by not allowing people to see what’s inside.

This heat-blocking window tint can prevent 99% of UV rays from coming into your room, assuring to protect your skin from possible skin damage.

 Metalized Film

One of the strongest films that you can get is the metalized film. It is known for its benefits when it comes to privacy features. Its thickness will ensure that your windows will not easily shatter if anything happens. While the metal particles will not be visible, they will seem like a one-way mirror when you look outside. A metal film is a quality premium set of tints that will not fade easily.

Coavas Window Tint

If you are considering your furniture when installing film in your window, coavas heat control is perfect for you as it blocks 98% of UV rays and sun glare. It effectively prevents the furniture from aging and fading as it only allows soft light to come into the room. This tint is also easy to install and remove, but a professional’s help will make it easier.

Carbon Film 

If you want a matte finish to your window tints at home, go for carbon films. This also blocks 40% of infrared lights. As a homeowner who wants to add an aesthetic feel and look to their house, this is perfect as well.

Solar Tints

A solar tint film will help regulate indoor temperature, meaning the room will stay cooler in summer and warmer in winter. This is an ideal tint for you and your family as it will improve the energy efficiency in your home.

Solar tints also have the benefit to combat harsh glare when watching television or using the computer.


Each type of window tint has its own UV blocking capability, which is great for everyone. If you decide to choose any film, it is best to consider which one will benefit you most. It is fast and easy to get these window tinting films but always properly install them to avoid bad results.

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