Tips on Choosing the Right Car Window Tint

Every car owner only wishes nothing but the best for their vehicles. And it is entirely normal to seek the best car investment there is. With that in mind, window tinting might be the best solution for you.

Window tints do not only add beauty and distinction to cars. But they also offer an extra layer of privacy and protection. Indeed, there are tons of benefits you can surely enjoy once you have your window cars tinted. But before investing in window tinting, you first have to know the important things you should remember in choosing the right car window tint for you.

Consider where you live

Every window tint plays a significant role in adding style, privacy, and protection for vehicles. However, these tints still differ on what they can do best. This is why you must first consider where you live before having your window cars tinted. For instance, if you live in a place with hotter climate conditions, it is ideal for you to invest in a window tint that can provide you with infrared protection. This type of tint has the huge advantage of blocking the heat produced by the sun.

On the other hand, if you live in a place where the weather is usually cold, ultraviolet blocking window films will be much more important than window films with IR protection. It would be a nice upgrade, but it won’t be needed that much.

Check if your car has privacy glass

Windows of newer vehicle models are usually treated even before it goes out in the market. And this might bring unnecessary confusion. You have to bear in mind that most of the time, this protection is not window tints but are just privacy glasses.

As the name suggests, privacy glasses are solely made to improve your car’s privacy, making it difficult for outsiders to peep inside your car. However, they do not provide the same protection from harmful UV rays and sun glare like how window tints do. Although darker privacy glasses can still reduce glare, they do not significantly work like window tints.

Know where to tint and where not to

You might be thinking it is better to have all of your car windows tinted for better protection, but that is simply not the case. Several windows should not be tinted, or if you do, they require a higher VLT or visible light transmission.

Side mirrors and the rearview mirror should not be tinted. Rear and side windows can be tinted, but a lighter shade of tint is the most advisable for these parts. Darker car tints can only be applied to rear door glasses. You must bear in mind that the darker the tint is, the more difficult it is for the light to penetrate, making it dangerous for driving, especially at night. Driving a car with a dark shade of tint in the windshield is like driving with sunglasses during nighttime.

UV rejection films do not necessarily mean they should be the darkest tint. Some films are almost invisible to the naked eye but can still do their job in preventing the passage of UV rays into your vehicle without obstructing your view.

Know the window tinting laws in your country

Each country has their rules and regulations. And those rules and regulations include tinting laws. In the UK, the front windscreen should be at least 75% VLT, while the side mirrors should be around 70% VLT.

These rules and regulations are made for the protection of both law enforcers and drivers. These laws ensure that your view as a driver is clear and not obstructed, especially during low light hours.

You need to know about these laws for your safety and to avoid being penalised for disobeying.

Ask questions to your window tint installer

Choosing the perfect window tint that will suit your taste, needs, and budget can be quite tricky and challenging. And sometimes, it can be frustrating as well. But there is one thing you should remember– when in doubt, ask your window tint installer.

A reliable window tint company will always help you with your inquiries and provide you with choices that will be deemed the best fit for your overall needs.

Now that you already have a clue on how to choose the right window tint for your vehicle, it’s time to look for a trustworthy window tinting company that will take care of your vehicle as if it is their own. And that is what Global Tint offers.

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