Tint Designs for Home Décor

Having a home decoration makes your house more visually appealing for you and your visitors. This is the reason why many people in the United Kingdom purchase as many home accessories from Amara, Made, and other stores that sell interior design materials and home decoration. But did you know that window tints can also be used as a decorative item?

One of the accessories that you can add to your home is window tint films. Window tints protect from infrared radiation and ultraviolet rays that are brought by sunlight. Because of blocking sunlight, window films can make your home cooler. However, most homeowners buy tints for the sake of protection without knowing that they can also be used for aesthetic purposes.

Here are some decorative films that you can use for your home.

Frosted glass film 

Frosted films come in different designs and possibilities. They can be partially or fully concealed and integrated with distinct patterns, gradients, and custom designs. Frosted films can make the room more private while allowing a massive amount of sunlight to illuminate the place. Frosted films are mostly used for offices and other facilities.

Textured and gradient decorative film 

Customers can easily choose their desired textured and gradient decorative films from a wide range of choices of organic and geometric patterns. Textured and gradient films are visually pleasing and a great addition to a minimalist style. Textured and decorative films can be an excellent substitute for blinds.

Architectural film 

If you plan to have a film that can be used for decoration and functional purposes. Among all the types of decorative films, architectural films are the only ones that have this capability. Architectural films can be helpful if you want to have an excellent interior and exterior environment. There are several designs available for architectural films, and some of them are matte finishes and color spectrums.

Perforated Vinyl Film

Perforated vinyl films can open a new range of possibilities. Perforated films can be used as an alluring aesthetic to storefronts of glass doors and windows. Most of the time, this type of decorative film is used for custom and commercial applications, as perforated vinyl films are mostly used for branding and marketing.

Patterned decorative film 

Patterned decorative films can make the room have a refreshing vibe and originality to the place. This type of decorative film can bring design and privacy to any space, and they are not just limited to commercial applications. This decorative film can add an inspired accent to any project, just like textured, gradient, and frosted films.

These are some types of decorative films that you can use. The best way is to have the first layer of residential window tints before having decorative ones be applied in your exterior windows. The case is different indoors as you can put the films firsthand to add a fantastic effect. You can contact your interior designer for an in-depth strategy to design your home using tints.

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