The hottest places in UK and how to cool it down

The weather in the United Kingdom is known to be unpredictable because of its position is close to the polar front jet stream. Because of the country’s location, there are always pressure changes occurring in different regions. The UK mostly has cloudy weather, and warm days are rare.

June to August is the hottest month, as it is the summer season. The summer in the UK is known for its long sunny days, occasional thunderstorms, and sometimes even heatwaves. There are places in the UK that are way can get hotter than the typical neighborhood in the country.

If you live near these areas, you may want to have an extra effort to make your home cooler. Here are some of the hottest places in the UK, and here’s how to decrease the temperature.


What are the hottest places in the UK? 

In 2019, Cambrige was reported to be the hottest place in the UK with a temperature of 38 degrees Celsius in July. That month had been the warmest in the UK, replacing the record of 35.6 degrees that set on the 29th of July 1957 in London and Southampton.

In terms of the sunniest place in the UK, Eastbourne in East Sussex is the city with the most amount of sunshine per day. In general, the South Coast experiences as much as 1,750 hours of sunshine with an average of five hours of sun daily. Eastbourne holds the record for the sunniest city since July 1911.

Bognor Regis in West Sussex takes second place in the sunniest place in the UK with only two minutes of less sunshine than Eastbourne. Dale Fort in Pembrokeshire and Dunbar-Lothian in Scotland holds the fourth and fifth place in this list.


The hottest places in UK and how to cool it down

How do you cool it down? 

There might be days that are hotter than usual, but making your best effort to ventilate your home can bring tremendous results. Having AC units can effectively decrease the heat inside your house. Drinking plenty of water and natural fruit juices can make your body cooler during summer.

For your vehicles, parking on shaded areas is the ideal way of making sure that your car would not heat up. But if you want to have your vehicle protected from the sun’s UV rays, having window tints is the best option for you. Window tints can also reduce the amount of heat that is entering your car.

Many people think that window tints are only for cars, but they can also be used for your homes. For many years, window tints can also reduce the heat coming inside your homes. In this way, not only do you have weather reduced, but you also save money from the electric bill.

Where can I get the best window tints? 

If you do not want to be the next victim of heatstroke, your best choice of reducing heat in your home is through window tints. The best window tints are here in Global Tint UK. You can visit our website at if you want a free quotation.