The History of Window Tinting

Most of the cars in the U.K. today have window tints. If you are a car enthusiast, you might think that window tinting has been present for long, and if you aren’t, you might think that tinting is a current trend brought by modern technology.

Before your tints can give you protection from sunlight, historians have traced its early roots, and if you are interested in knowing the history behind window tints, you should read this article. You might be surprised that window tints are used before cars even existed.

3000 B.C.-1300 A.D.

You might think that window tinting originated as far as 30 to 50 years ago, but window tinting is, in fact, present long before modern civilization. The earliest traces of tint usage dates back from Egyptian and Mesopotamian cultures. The earliest tints were used as a coloring for glass used in beads and decorative pots.

100 A.D.

After a millennium, Romans and other Middle Eastern countries in the middle ages began adding metallic oxide powders to glass windows. The colored glass is used for windows inside churches and mosques. In this period, tinting is used mostly for decoration and glass coloring and not for protection.


There had been an enormous boom in automobile production before World War II. Still, the use of cars as a means of transportation proliferated after the war. More and more people over the years discover that glare and temperature can be magnified through the glass.

E.Z. Eye, one of the window tinting pioneers in the United States, introduced the first factory window tints available for the public. The first window tints were seen on a few car models like the ’56 Chevrolet Impala.

The 1960s

A small DIY company started to emerge in the 1960s because window tints at that time are only available from auto manufacturers. For people who don’t have money for films, spray-on tints and rudimentary tint films have been the alternative.

These alternatives, however, caused some problems. Spray-on shades were challenging to install and are prone to streaking, not to mention that your tones might be uneven when you try to fix them. On the other hand, rudimentary tints absorb and not reflect window tints, which beats its primary purpose. ‘

In the mid-’60s, 3M, the adhesive and laminates company best known for Scotch Tape, had the technology to add metallic coatings to clear polyester for a flexible film that blocks sunlight. Three years later, a terrorist attack happened in Europe, and because of this, 3M made transparent security window films that held the broken glass in place

This feature in window films has been a standard for the tints today.

The 1970s

Because of the energy crisis in the 70s, low emissive window films have been more popular than ever on building and automobile windows. In the late 70s, window tints have been even more popular on limousines because of its capabilities for privacy.

The 1980s-1990s 

People in the late 70s to early 80s have tinted their cars so dark that it might cause accidents. Because of this, most U.S. states legislated tinting laws and regulations to make the streets safer and reduce accidents. In the 1990s, metallic window tints were introduced to the public.

1990s to present 

Metallic window tints may be useful in blocking glare and sunlight, but they can often jam phone and radio signals. This is the reason why a new hybrid window tint was introduced, ceramic tints. Ceramic-based window tint lasts longer, rejects heat and U.V. rays better, and doesn’t interfere with electronics at all.

The history of window films is mostly like any other technology starting from the ancient times to improving over the years. Now, it is easier to have your windows tinted more than ever. You even have many choices of what kind of tint you would love. Nowadays, you can also have your windows tinted in the comfort of your home.

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