The history of residential window films

Window tints have been around for many years now. They are an excellent addition to your house and car because they protect your home from UV rays. Window tints are also beneficial because they decrease the amount of heat that enters your home, which means that your electric bill is furthermore reduced.

Today, you can find as many window tint manufacturers and companies all you want around the United Kingdom. If they are a legitimate company just like Global Tint, they will offer you a great deal. On the other hand, there is a complex history of window tints before they reach your home and car windows.

Here is the history of home window tinting

The ancient times 

Coloured glass has been present in the ancient times way before tints were made. Both Roman and Egyptian civilizations made small objects made out of coloured glass. The Egyptians and Mesopotamians were known to be the first to tint for making coloured beads around 100 AD. Then Romans began using clear glass to make windows.

As the medieval times progressed, the Middle East and Europe have also discovered how to color glass. These glasses are made for churches, mosques, palaces, and other buildings that are considered religious or sacred. Unlike the Egyptians, Europeans tinted glass using metallic oxide powders to make stained glass.

A historic breakthrough 

As humankind continued making breakthroughs over the years, window tints were not as much available in the market today because it was costly and required manual production. However, the first breakthrough in the world of window tinting was made in 1902 via Irving W. Colburn, who patented the sheet glass drawing machine.

The invention of Colburn has been the standard for glass manufacturing and window tinting for several decades. After most companies have applied Irving’s application in making glass, the prices for drink gradually decreased. As time went by, people began using cars in motor vehicles; however, they also knew that windows increased heat.

Homeowners also wanted a solution to help them reduce the indoor heat due to sunlight.

The rise of the window film 

In 1966, the first generation of window films was made. The first window tints were dye-based. If you did it right, the film was meant to reflect the sun’s heat and light away from the treated window. However, setbacks in the first-gen window tints are like bubbling after being left out to the sun. That is why manufacturers made improvements regularly.

Some of the developments in window films happened in 1969 when manufacturers introduced a clear security window film that held the broken glass in place. In 1970 when researchers developed low emission films due to the energy crisis at that time. The second-gen of window tints hit the market in the early 90s.

The improvement in quality led to an almost 50% reduction in heat, which was significant not only for cars but also for houses. Now, different window tint films are available in the market today.

Where can I get the best window tints? 

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