Tell signs of awful commercial window tinting – (Infographic)

Tinting your windows has vast benefits for your vehicle or home. Perhaps the best advantage that you can get from installing window tints is the reduced electric and gas bill because of its ability to reflect heat coming in the car or building. Another benefit of having window tints installed is the extra durability that it has as they protect the glass from breakage.

You can experience the benefits of having window tints if you get your shades installed by window tint professionals like us in Global Tint. Window tints that are installed correctly can last for a long time, depending on the type of window film. However, if the dye is not installed correctly, it can result in more expenses as you have to get them fixed.

Some signs tell that a window tinting job is done wrong, and as a customer, you should know these signs. Here are some telltale signs that your tints are poorly installed.


What are the signs of lousy window tinting?

  • Your windows are not as dark as to when they were initially being tinted.
  • The shade is turning purple
  • Bubbles are appearing in the tint
  • Cracks are appearing in the tint
  • Edges are beginning to peel

Why are there lousy tint installations?

The most frequent reason why people have lousy tinting installations is because of the inferior materials that are used in tinting. Do not expect that a cheap film will last for long periods. However, if films like ceramic and metallic tints fade away or easily peel off, there might be a problem to the adhesive used in sticking the dye to the window.

These cheap films do not use the material to create the black shade that is impervious to UV light, and the adhesive is susceptible to UV as well. You can also say that a window tint is poorly installed if there are bubbles after installation. Do not get us wrong. Bubbling is normal, but if bubbling happens after the curing process, it is not a good signal.

Too many budget window tint installers skip the process of molding your tints to your windows before installation. Instead, they stretch it on, and over time the adhesive is not strong enough to hold the film. This carelessness is the reason why window films crack and peel. Peeling can also happen if the windows are not cleaned before tinting.

Can you fix poorly installed tints?

Yes, you can remove the poorly installed tint and get a new one. However, you need a professional window tinting company employee to do that for you. You can use adhesives to stick the tints again, but do not expect a better result. Instead, getting your shades installed by a different company and not doing business with the previous one is better.

Reattaching your window film is not a recommended option also because the films have a unique adhesive that blocks UV light. Reattaching the tints can only result in malfunctioning window tints. If you want to have high-quality window tints installed at your home or vehicle, then the best option is to go to Global Tint.

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