Reasons Why You Should Not Choose Cheaper Quality of Tint Films [Infographic]

Window tint films can help enhance privacy, improve security, boost aesthetic appeal, and provide protection against harmful radiation from the sun. However, despite these advantages, you must understand that not all window tint films sold in the market have the same features and qualities.

If you are dancing to the idea of investing in window tinting, you should not purchase cheap window tint films. While it might be tempting to consider buying lower quality products to save yourself money from your initial investment, choosing cheaper quality tint films may cost you a hefty amount of money in the long run.

Here are some of the reasons why you should reconsider choosing cheaper quality window tinting products:

They Often Do Not Have UV Protectors

Protection against ultraviolet radiation is among the benefits window tint films provide. Hence, installing window tints on the glass windows will help protect your skin, as well as your passengers’, against the short-term and long-term effects of UV rays. Apart from experiencing wrinkles, sunburn, and age spots, excessive exposure to the sun’s UV radiation can also increase your risk of having skin cancer.

However, when lower quality window tints are installed on the car’s windows, there is no guarantee that you will have protection against harmful UV rays. Usually, cheap tints have lesser or no UV protection properties.

They Are Prone to Purpling, Bubbling, and Peeling

Cheap quality and poor installation are two of the factors that cause window tint films to age poorly.

Lower quality tint films fade faster than premium quality films, as the dyes of these window films break down rapidly. When this happens, the dyes will either bleach or turn purple.

Furthermore, these types of window tint films also bubble and peel faster. The adhesive used to apply the tint film on the glass window usually fails when exposed to the sun’s heat. Bubbling on the tint’s surface and peeling of the film’s edges can negatively impact the overall visual aesthetics of your vehicle and obstruct your view while driving.

They Usually Do Not Come with Warranty

Cheap quality window tint films rarely have a product or service guarantee, which means you are on your own after purchasing them. Consequently, the company that provided you with the products is not liable for any damage or defect that will occur.

Manufacturing and window tinting companies do not give a warranty on cheap quality window films because they generally know that these lower quality products will not last.


Cheaper window tinting products might be easier on your wallet, but it may cause you to spend extra money in the long run.

Window tinting is an excellent investment only if it provides the benefits you want to reap from it, has longer longevity, and comes with a warranty. Hence, investing in premium quality window tints makes more sense as it can ensure protection and comfort for you and your family.

Furthermore, selecting a reputable window tinting company will help you get the assurance you want from their products and services. A trustworthy company offers a guarantee or warranty on their services, providing confidence that they will back you up when your window tint incurs defects or damage.

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