Perfect Window Tints for Residential Use

Window tints have been prominent for car owners because of the numerous advantages it brings. But aside from the benefits it provides for vehicles, window tints also offer excellent help in protecting your home.

If you are thinking about the best investment you can provide for your home, window tinting is the answer you are looking for. Installing window tints is the easiest and most economical way to conserve energy and step up your home’s aesthetics. Most residential window tints are lightweight, self-adhesive polyester coverings and will never disrupt the natural light from entering your space.

A convenient and comfortable home is what awaits you once you have your windows tinted. However, you must still bear in mind that not all window tints have the same quality and are worth your investment. This is why you should know the perfect tint that will go along best with your windows.

Heat Blocking Window Film

If your primary goal of installing window films is to save energy, this type of window film is the best suitable for you. Heat Blocking Window Films can help ensure that your home would not get too hot or cold during extreme weather conditions. And because of this, your air conditioner units or heaters won’t have to work overtime.

This tint can block harmful UV rays from the sun, ensuring that your skin and home interior could be protected. Aside from this, Heat Blocking Window Films have 25% VLT or Visible Light Transmission, making them perfect for security and privacy.

Metalized Film

Metalized Films are quickly becoming one of the most popular. These films do not have dye in them, but they have small pieces of metal that offer tremendous help in reflecting any light and heat off your window.

Metalized Films are also known as one of the strongest window films in the market, making them best suitable for security. These films are thick and durable, which can help make sure your windows are strong enough to not completely shatter in times of an accident.

These films are more expensive than the others, but it is guaranteed that you will surely get your money’s worth.

Carbon Film Tint

If you want a clean-looking and matte finish for your window tint, then Carbon Film Tint is the one for you. This type of window film contains carbon making it non-reflective. Typically, this type of window film is best suited if you are aiming for additional aesthetics for your home. While it can still block about 40% of infrared, it does not work as much as the Heat Blocking Window Film.

Neutral Window Films

If you have tons of artwork or entertainment room in your home and you want protection from the sun glare, Neutral Window Films is the best choice for you. This type of film is perfect for reducing glare, heat, and harmful UV rays from penetrating your space without sacrificing the natural light from coming in.

Another bonus when you use this film is to keep your house comfortable and cool without lowering the aesthetic look of your exterior. These films are barely noticeable from the outside and will never affect the look of your home’s outside view.

Finding the best window film for you and your residential space will never be an issue if you rely on a trustworthy window tint company like Global Tint.

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