MOT Tests and Window Tinting: A Loophole

If you live in the United Kingdom, you probably heard of a Ministry of Transport (MOT) test if you own a private vehicle. MOT tests happen annually to check the conditions of a car. In the United Kingdom, roadworthiness and emission tests are required to be passed to have the authority to drive your vehicle.

Getting your car in good shape should be done with or without the MOT test to help you and fellow motorists to be safe while driving. One of the improvements that you can do for your vehicle is to have window tints installed. However, you should be careful of tinting your windows because there was a loophole discovered on the MOT test.

Are window tints a part of the MOT test? 

MOT Tests are not a part of the MOT Test. Your car may be legal to the standards of the MOT but still, get arrested by local authorities. Window tints may not be on the tests, but according to United Kingdom tinting laws, having a dark glass that does not comply with their standards can get you fined or even arrested.

Car owners who have their window tints installed too dark might have their vehicles banned by the police until the hues are removed. Because of overly dark shades, you might also be called for a court hearing or have a penalty as it falls under the “construction and uses” rules like driving with balding tires.

According to the UK window tinting law, drivers are only allowed to have window tints that have at least 75% of light through and the front windows and 70% of light in. Those who carry modifications are also breaking the law as selling and fitting glass. Window tints may not be included in MOT tests, but you should abide by the law.

Why are window tints not part MOT tests? 

Window tints are not included in MOT tests because a relative number of vehicles that have window tints and testing will take so much time. And because there is an existing law on the percentage and amount of tint percentage available, they are letting the authorities handle the violators of the legislation.

The good thing about the window tinting laws in the UK is that there is no restriction on the tint percentage and darkness when it comes to passenger windows. The code has been passed because too much tint may hinder the vision of the driver, which can lead to more accidents.

How do I have the right amount of tints? 

To have your window tints on the right amount, you can always ask your local window tint provider to have the shades that are allowed by the law. Going to window tint stores like Global Tint UK is one way to ensure that you have the best tints. If you ever want a free quotation, you can always visit