Is there a night vision window film?[Infographics]

Window films are essential tools you should have on your home or car windows. The best benefit that window films can give you is their protection from ultraviolet rays and heat. If you are a private person, window tints provide enough darkness so people would not see what your house or car looks like from the inside.

You also do not have to worry about the maintenance of window tints. Once they are installed correctly, it would take years before they need to get replaced. Another benefit of having window tints is its function to prevent glare at home or driving. Glare is a huge distraction,

and tints make sure that they would not affect you.

Downsides of window tints

Perhaps the downside of window tints is you can get penalized if you installed window tints with the darkness that is not allowed in your state. Before getting shades installed, you should know window tinting laws. Window tints can also hinder your vision during the night as their main purpose is to decrease the light coming inside your home or car.

Night vision window film

There are several kinds of window films, and among these kinds, many people argue that ceramic window tints are at the top of the line. However, most people do not know that there is already a night vision window film that a low interior reflectivity that leaves your view clearer, especially at night.

You might think that the window film might only make the view clearer at night, but this claim is the complete opposite. And because night vision window films are built for dark places, even with your inside lights on at night, you can still see outside. Night vision tints are perfect for windows located in elevated areas.

Benefits of night vision window film

  • Enjoy clear views, day and night, with low reflectivity
  • Warm tones complement natural light and defend against solar rays
  • Protect skin and furnishings from damaging UV rays
  • It helps prolong the life and vibrancy of furniture, carpets, wood floors, and artwork
  • Excellent heat rejection for dual pane windows
  • It helps reduce air conditioning costs
  • 3M technology enhances color stability
  • Preserve a room’s warmth and natural beauty
  • Avoid heavy window coverings

Why should you have night vision window tints?

Yes, your home could benefit from having night vision window tints. This purchase is also worth it because 3M could maximize sun control capabilities while toning down the interior reflectivity. This allowed clear, unobstructed views at night and making the tint color-stable since other tints fade over time.

As for reflectivity, NV25 has an interior reflectivity (again, on double pane glass) of 13%. To give you a reference so you can appreciate how great that number is, P-18 Silver has an interior reflectivity of 58%.

Where can you have night vision window tints installed?

If you want to have window tints installed, you should go to reliable window tinting companies like Global Tint. If you’re going to have the best tints and a free quotation, you can go to our website at