Important Questions to Ask Before Tinting Your Car [ Infographics]

Car window tinting provides various benefits to the driver and their passengers as well as the vehicle itself. Such benefits include upgrading the vehicle’s physical appearance and protecting its interior and the people inside the car from harmful UV rays.

Many car owners decide to get their vehicle’s windows tinted because of the numerous advantages they could get from window tinting. However, apart from understanding the different benefits window tints provide, there are other things they need to consider before going through the process of window tinting.

If you are interested in getting your windows tinted, you should never make an impulsive decision; you must consider several factors before deciding. Here are five essential questions you need to ask to optimize maximum results with your tints:

What types of tint film do you offer?

There is a wide range of window tints options available in the market, each providing different benefits. While most window tints have heat reduction, glare reduction, and UV ray blocking features, available tint film options have varying levels of these characteristics. Accordingly, specific tint films in the market also offer unique benefits. Some films have more robust adhesive, providing a stronger bonding of the tint film to the glass; meanwhile, other tints have scratch resistance features and support the glass’s strength, preventing vandalism or break-ins.

Knowing what is available at the window tinting shop allows you to choose the tint film which suits your budget and has the benefits you want to get from it.

How dark can the window tint be?

The government in the United Kingdom has stringent policies on car window tinting. Car window tinting laws in the country stipulate the different specifications on how dark window tints can be.

Before tinting your car, it is crucial to research and understand these window tinting policies and talk to a professional window tinting company to ensure that you abide by these rules and prevent yourself from being fined.

Do you offer warranties for your window tints?

Asking for warranties should be on top of the list of questions you need to ask a tinting company before proceeding with the installation process. While high-quality car window tints can last for about 10 to 15 years with proper care and maintenance, their lifespan can be affected by factors such as manufacturing flaws or improper installation.

Buying warrantied tints cover you for faulty films and ensure that if something unexpected happens with your shades, the tinting company got your back and will fix it at no extra cost.

What brands can I choose from?

When buying a product, people often look at the brand. People trust specific brands because of their offered products’ quality and performance.

Asking your tinting company about the available tint brands they could offer allows you to find a brand that you trust or compare prices and quality of the same kind of tint.

How much will it cost to tint my car windows?

When deciding to tint your car windows at a professional window tinting shop, you have to understand that the cost of tinting will vary from one client to another as several factors are influencing it. Such factors include the cost of the tint itself, your car’s model, the number of windows you want to have tinted. Additionally, you will also be paying for the window tinter’s labour cost and the labour cost for removing your old window tints, if there are any.

You can ask your window tinting company for a quote before going through the process of tint installation. It will allow you to see beforehand how much you will pay to have your windows tinted.


When deciding to have your vehicle’s windows tinted, you should not only be keen on selecting which type of tint film you want but also with the people who will install your shades. Asking these questions and getting proper answers will provide you an assurance that your chosen window tinting company is the right one for the job.

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