How to Prepare for a Vehicular Accident (Infographic)

No driver in their right mind would like to have any vehicular accident of any sort, no matter how light. In terms of costs, car accidents can make you lose over thousands of dollars in a single snap, even if you have insurance. However, the valuable thing that could be taken away from you is the life of someone that is with you in the vehicle.

Avoiding a car accident is the best way to avoid the repercussions of one, but you could never know where your car may crash. If you have no idea what to do once a car crash happens, we got you covered. Here are the things you need to do to prevent a car accident and measures to have if an accident already happens.


How to prevent car accidents 

One of the ways to avoid car accidents is by making sure that your car windows are tinted in the right shade. Having no tints makes your sight vulnerable to glare from sunlight and headlights of other vehicles. On the other hand, having too much tint percentage makes it hard to see at night.

When making a lane change, do not forget to use your signals so you can avoid sideswipes. Checking your rearview and side mirror before making turns, stops, and always use your messages when making stops and lane changes.

When driving at night, always turn your headlights on so that you can see the road. If you are driving early in the morning, turn on your daytime running lights as well for full safety.

When driving, always maintain a two-second gap from the vehicle in front of you so you can react better in an emergency, following the necessary speed limit, especially when driving on a freeway is essential.


How to prepare for accidents 

Nobody likes car accidents, but sometimes, the unwanted and unexpected happen. You do not want to be unprepared when accidents happen, so you should follow the following tips to have yourself in the right position when the worst comes.

Always maintain calmness as you can when an accident happens. Being jittery or angry does not help on thinking what to do next. Pullover your car on the side of the road and prepare to talk to the police about the incident.

Contact your insurance company about the damage done to your vehicle. It is always important to let your insurance provider know everything about the accident that occurred.

And lastly, never resort to violent methods and settle any dispute on the court. File a formal complaint or case against the person who caused the accident. You should cooperate to the investigation done by authorities but never forget your right to contact your attorney. Never have the nerve to be aggressive whether you are the victim or the cause of the accident.



This might sound cliché but always avoid texting while driving and do not drive under the influence. Before going on the road, make sure that your car is maintained correctly. These may be little reminders, but they are needed to protect you and others.

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