How to Pick the best Window Tint Film for Your Car? (Infographic)

If you have a private vehicle, one of the modifications that you can add to your car is window tint installations. Window tint installations can make your car more appealing to the eyes as there are tons of options you can choose from in terms of tint type and tint colour. However, tints are not only good because of their appearance.

Window tints can protect from the sun as they protect as much as 99% of the ultraviolet rays that enter your car windows. Window tints also reduce the heat coming to your vehicle, which means that you can also reduce your AC usage. If you are a private individual, window tints can prevent others from seeing you inside a vehicle.

Window tints also make your car windows stronger as it would take extra effort to break your car windows. The only question that you should have on your mind right now is what kind of window tint you should have and what qualifies a window tint company to install the shades for you. Here are some considerations that you should have.

How to choose the right car window tint-01

How should I choose a window tint for my car? 

In choosing a window tint for your vehicle, you should always consider your budget and the window tint’s accessibility in your area. If you are on a tight budget, you can always go for dyed shades and get better tints for your car eventually once you have the money. However, it is best if you choose hues that are worth it for your money.

What are the kinds of tints I can get for my car? 

There are tons of window tints to choose from. If you are financially incapable of having better shades, dyed window tints can do the trick if installed correctly. Dyed films have a layer of dye between the outer protective polyester layer and the adhesive. Dyed films are adorable and also has the basic properties of a window tint.

If you are looking for tints better than dyed shades, you can always try metallic films. Metallic films offer a chemically-treated inner layer that blocks out UV light PLUS, a metallic coating on the other side to reflect heat radiation and darken the window. A top protective coat is added to prevent scratches.

And if you want to have the best window tints in the market today, perhaps the best choice for you is ceramic window tints. Unlike metallic window tints, ceramic shades do not block radio and phone signals on your vehicle. Ceramic tints can block UV rays, solar heat, and even infrared heat that makes your interior hotter.

If you are in for stylish tints, then you should have carbon films. Carbon Films have a matte finish (and a dark colour) that makes it attractive. It has a shatter-resistant feature as well. Among all the window tints, carbon tints have the appearance that is considered as “true black” that is why this kind is one of the most bought.

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