How to have stronger home windows [INFOGRAPHIC]

One of the most vulnerable parts of your house is the windows. The windows are the gateway to seeing the outside while protecting your home from winds. However, they can get shattered quickly with a little force. Fortified windows are less prone to break-ins and breaking. Unfortunately, most windows are bare.

Windows that are not strong enough are easily unbreakable, and this means that you have a chance to pay for damages. Shattered windows are dangerous because you or the members of your family might step on broken shards once your windows break. If you want to protect your family from this situation, here are some tips to strengthen your windows.

Install storm shutters 

Installing storm shutters over all exposed windows and other glass surfaces is one of the easiest and most effective ways to protect your home. Storm shutters are used to block strong winds during storms and hurricanes. There are several types of storm shutters to choose from, and if you live in areas prone to storms, you should have one.

Window bars 

There will be moments where kids will play ball near your house. A ball flying in the air at high speed is more than enough to break someone’s window. If you live near a baseball field or a basketball court, you should have window bars by your window. Window bars decrease the chance of balls going straight to your window.

Tempered glass 

Tempered glass is four times more potent than annealed glass, and when used in windows, these are known as safety windows. This type of glass goes through repeated heating and cooling phases to enhance its strength. If tempered glass is broken, the glass crumbles instead of breaking, unlike most windows used.

Have polycarbonate windows 

Pixel Glass or polycarbonate windows are ten times stronger than regular glass and better options than tempered glass. These types of windows are the ones used in banks and other establishments. This type of glass is made out of acrylic, and while it is not real glass, this type would also discourage burglars.

Install window tints 

Perhaps, one of the best solutions to strengthen your windows is through installing window tints. Window tints can reinforce your windows up to a level that is close to unbreakable. If your windows are ever shattered, window films can hold pieces of debris together so no one would step on the sharp fallen glass on the floor.

Another great reason for installing window tints is the protection it gives against UV rays, infrared light, and heat coming from the sun. If you are a more private person, you can set the window tints on whatever darkness level is allowed by your country’s laws. Window tints can also make your home look even more admirable.

Where can I find the best window tints?

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