How much do window tinters make each year?

Every car window needs to get tinted for protection against the UV rays and infrared coming from the sun. In terms of security, your window tints can provide the best protection for your skin and interior. Window tints also make your windows stronger as they can help keep the shards of the window intact once your window breaks down to pieces.

Because of these reasons, there would always be a market for window tints. As long as there are car and home windows, you should ensure that there would still be customers of a window tinting company. This reason is also why many window tinting companies are emerging from startups and mobile garages.

What are the other reasons why people start a tinting business?

One of the reasons why many people start a window tinting business is because of the possibility of a substantial gross margin. Generally, it costs about £15 of material to tint a car. Once you’ve charged for the cost of those and then for your time and service, etc., you’re looking at a whopping 70% margin per vehicle, which is a massive win for you.

Also, studying window tinting does not require any experience. You can always start a window tinting career without a college degree or any relevant qualifications or business experience. You can take automotive courses before starting your own business that you can take for weeks to only a few months.

Another reason why many people consider window tinting as a livelihood is because of its simplicity. Once you know how to tint windows, everything will be secure, like riding a bike. The process of window tinting is built from a handful of stages, easy and fast to pick up. You don’t even need fancy tools to tint car windows!

Once people love your window tinting skills, they go back to your store if they ever need another window tinting job. The best part about this situation is they will recommend your window tinting company to your friends if they ever need a window tinting job. You can also convince people about the benefits of window tints to make them interested.

How much does a window company make annually? 

According to statistics, the average salary for a window tinter is £23,498 per year in the United Kingdom. Salary estimates are based on 23 salaries submitted anonymously to Indeed by window tinting company employees, users, and collected from past and present job advertisements on Indeed in the past 36 months.

Yes, the average income of a window tinting company per year is £23,498. However, there could be so much potential because of its exceptional revenue and gross margin. You can make much more in a year. The key is to ensure that there is you have trusted customers by your side and have a whole area catered by your window tint company.


Where can I get my windows tinted? 

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