How Celebrities Stay Unseen at Home or in their Vehicles? (Infographic)

Being a celebrity might be the dream of most people because of the prestige, fortune, and popularity under your name. Being a celebrity means that you have legions of fans willing to do anything to see a glimpse of your shadow. However, you may also have a privacy threat because of the popularity that you garner.

As a celebrity, you cannot randomly go to public places without drawing others’ attention, unlike ordinary people. As a famous individual, every action should also be carefully done, as many people can take photos and videos of them. You might wonder how your favorite celebrity is rarely seen in the public eye.

Some prominent people went far by going under disguise, and others took the next step by hiding their identities. Here are some of the ways that your favorite stars remain incognito unless they want to be seen.

Hiding identities 

Some celebrities went to the distance by hiding their identities and even faces in public. In this way, they can still go to public places without anyone recognizing them. Some of these celebrities are luchadores, writers, and musicians. The best examples of stars hiding their faces are the singer Sia, Daft Punk, Marsh mellow, and Deadmau5.

Going in disguise 

Celebrities, especially actors, put on wigs, robes, scarfs, prosthetics, and makeup to go outside and enjoy their money. Some of the notable celebrities that put on a disguise were Justin Bieber when he put on a mustache when he went to Argentina and the Kardashians when they went to two hours of makeup to have a day out.

Avoiding paparazzi 

Every celebrity hates a photographer that tails them around to get a photo of them and sell the pictures on a local tabloid to find themselves under a sensationalized headline. Some celebrities wear the same clothes as Katy Perry every time she goes outside. Others try to go to countries. They are unknown to have fun.

Have window tints installed 

One of the best ways that celebrities get protected is having window tints installed on their home and car windows. Window tints are installed because of the protection they can give personalities and ensure that they stay hidden from the public eye. Window tints have different darkness levels that every star can set so they would be unseen in public.

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