How can security film be effective?

There are lots of ways you can protect your home from intruders. Most people invest in solid doors, deadbolts, and other security measures to ensure their safety. However, one of the most forgotten parts of the house is the windows. From break-ins to hurricanes, unprotected windows can be easily shattered if there is no protection.

One of the best solutions to this problem is applying a security window film on your windows. The component of security window films consists of inside surface glass, UV absorbing adhesive, clear polyester film, laminating sticky, clear polyester film, and protective scratch-resistant surface.

Window security film 8-14mils thick is ideal as it can resist impacts of up to 400 pounds. Because of the components of a security film, the windows become thicker due to the extra materials added. You may have to pay more because of this reason, but this payment is way lesser than having windows repaired.

How does security window film work? 

Security window films work perfectly on conditions prone to storms and break-ins. Riots and other forms of civil unrest are not common, but if ever these happen, they can also destroy your windows. Security window films ensure that the damage is minimized if ever they are penetrated.

If you ask for the effectiveness of security window film, you can be assured that you get maximum protection if installed correctly. You can even put bulletproof glass then have security window films installed for better protection. Security window films also protect you from harmful UV rays of the sun.

What are some benefits of security window films? 

Window security film enhances the strength of window glass. It increases its impact and shatter-resistance, making it much more difficult for a burglar to break. Security window films are also needed if you live in areas prone to hurricanes and intense storms. Because of its shatter-resistant properties, you don’t have to worry about broken glass.

One of the dangers of fallen debris is the risk of you getting cut by the broken glass. Security window films can also reduce the injuries caused by broken glass as security window films hold broken glass pieces after the window was shattered. Skylights can even stay intact after a bomb blast with security window films.

If your windows are prone to getting scratches in public spaces or homes with pets and kids, using a 7-8 mil security film will be a protective “anti-scratch” layer. Security films can be easily peeled off, which means that if a person tries to vandalize your windows, you can easily replace the film with a new one.

How are security films installed? 

There are two ways of installing security window films, and these are mechanical and wet methods. The mechanical approach involves attaching the window security film to the actual window frame. Instead of being cut slightly inside the edge of the glass, the wet method attaches the window security film to the window using an adhesive sealant.

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