Gifts for the Car Enthusiasts – Why Tinting is the Perfect Christmas Gift

car window tinting gift

Halloween is finally over. If there’s one thing that it signals, it is that Christmas is already fast approaching. As the year is ready to come to a close, many people start to feel the holiday spirit and cheer in the breeze. Some are starting to put up their Christmas décor, while others are already starting to think about what to give their loved ones for the occasion.

If you are looking for the perfect Christmas gift for the car lover in your life—be it your dad, partner, or car enthusiast friend, you should consider getting your tinting voucher sooner than you think. Window Tinting is the Ideal Christmas Present for car enthusiasts and owners a like. It comes as a surprise, not predictable—but very useful and practical. Here are some of the other reasons why:

It’s unpredictable

It’s unconventional, unusual and unpredictable. None of your friends and family can really guess what is your gift this year, especially if it comes in a gift voucher! If you want to be the tone of surprise during gift giving, then window tinting vouchers are the perfect presents for you to give away. No one will be expecting that it will be your present, since everyone is used to getting things they can readily buy in stores.

It is not bounded by gender—

–which can be a problem during on the spot exchange gifts. Tints are practically for every one, given that they have a car. Window Tinting Vouchers are perfect presents especially if you and your friends are doing on the spot exchange gifts—the ones where you will only know which friend to give your gift to on the day of the party itself. As long as he or she has a car, then your gift got you covered. It is a general gift, which means any gender or age cohort can make use of it and find it functional and helpful.

car with couple

It is a gift for the owner and their car

Did you know that the cold can damage your car? Auto experts say the cold weather can cause damage to all parts of vehicles over time, especially when the temperatures dip well below zero. The cold can thicken your vehicle’s oil, kill your engine’s battery, lessen the air pressure in the wheels, and cause salt crystallization on your vehicle.

However, window tinting lets drivers think one less problem during winter. Window car tinting gives many benefits—both for the driver and their vehicle. Giving a friend or a family member window tinting vouchers is like giving them multiple things represented by a coupon. Unlike popular belief that car window tinting is purely for your vehicle’s aesthetics, car tints also give security, especially during the holidays when car theft peaks.

Window tinting also helps in preventing road accidents, significantly decreasing the glare produced by other cars, as well as the reflection of light from the snow. The cold weather does not also mean the sun’s rays are not harmful when human skin was exposed to it for extended periods of time. People usually don’t notice how long they are driving, walking or spending time under the sun because of the cold winter breeze. The harmful UV rays from the sunlight can cause problems to our skin, from simple age spots and wrinkles to Skin Cancer.

Tints also delay the ‘aging’ of the car’s interior. It helps prevent the seats’ upholstery from fading and the dashboard to discolour and easily crack. At the same time, Christmas is a notorious season for petty crimes. Under the notion that people bring in more cash with them for some holiday shopping, burglars and pick pockets are also on the hunt for victims. Reports also show that smash and grab incidents rise up during this season too. Tints make car windows stronger and harder to break, protecting your vehicle and the valuables inside it while you do your shopping.

With all these benefits, car window tinting vouchers is definitely a gift that brings in more gifts.

Winter is a good time for scoring deals

Most tinting companies offer great deals during the holiday season. Primarily because it is a trend for the majority of car-owners think that the summer time is the perfect time to have their car windows tinted, the winter is usually a slow time for tint shops.

At the same time, business owners also give great deals during the Christmas season for people who want to give the gift of quality car window tinting. Just like any other gift items up for sale, tint films and installation are also marked down.