Do I Need Security Window Film? (Infographic)

One of the ways to protect your home or business from potential intruders is by installing security window films. Security window films can enhance the security of any structure by providing additional layer to the windows. Security films also provide privacy for residential homes.

The primary purpose of a security window film is to enhance and improve the security of regular window glass. Security window film has tremendous benefits once you install it correctly. Besides the extra strength and privacy that security window films give, security window films can reduce injury once the window breaks as they can hold the glass.

Security window film, just like other window films, can also reduce heat levels as sunlight enters your buildings. Security window films also protect you from UV rays. Because of these benefits, people at your home or workplace will feel more relaxed and more comfortable.

Global Tint UK- Do I need security tint film

Suggestions for using security window film 

Be minded that any window film is as strong as the frame itself. Yes, security window films can add strength to the window, but if your window is already loose before security film installation, it might not contribute that much. In some cases, you might have to have your window fixed before installing security film to have maximum results.


Moreover, security window films make your windows thicker and more durable. However, security window films do not make your glass bulletproof. There are options that you can have if you do not want bullets to pierce through your window. The glass and not the tints make the window bulletproof.


Many intrusion alarm systems make use of glass breakage sensors to detect once a window has been smashed open. Glass breakage sensors could either be acoustical sensors or the one that is mounted on the glass itself. Security film installation may reduce its effectiveness. You should contact your alarm provider to adjust its settings.


If you are in a business where flammable or explosive materials are involved, you should also consider having security window films installed. If you wish to install security window films that can withstand explosions, you should ask a bomb consultant first so they can specify the type of window film that should be installed on your window.


Should you get a security window film? 

Yes, you should get security window films. However, the decision to have a security window films should be made after a comprehensive security assessment has been conducted. The security assessment should provide where the security window film shall be used and specify the level of risk you want your window to be protected.

Choose a reputable local installation contractor to install your security window film. Obtain and check references, and ask to visit other facilities in the local area where the same type of product as you are considering has already been installed. If you wish to have a reputable company to install your security window films, you can count on Global Tint.

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