Dangers of Cheap Car Tints

At some point, car owners may be tempted to get cheap tints for their vehicles instead of investing in high quality films. Going for the cheapest kinds may be seem to be a bargain, but, are you sure you want to spend that little to your prized possession?

You may think that you’re saving more, but the truth is sooner or later, these cheap car tints will make you spend more, definitely more than what you have paid for.

People decide to tint their car windows for its benefits to their health, safety and comfort. Opting to go the cheap way and install cheap ones can’t actually give you these benefits. What could possibly go wrong with cheap tints? Actually, there can be a lot, some are even dangerous.


Poor Aesthetics: Bubbles and the Purple Tint

Some wanted to apply car tints for the classy and sophisticated look it gives the vehicle. But, cheap films can actually make your ride look like its older than it really is.

When first applied, these films may actually look quite good. But, the more you drive and expose it under the sun’s heat, the faster these cheap tints fade and peel off. The adhesive usually fails quickly when exposed to the heat of the sun resulting in bubble formation, making your car look terrible. Some may even turn into purple much faster than it should. The dye breaks down at a rapid rate and causes a once grey or charcoal film to turn that “nightmarish” look most people don’t want on their car.


No UV Protectors

One of the selling points of car tinting is the protection it gives our skin and our car’s interiors from the sun’s harmful heat rays.

Cheap Window Tint usually contains lesser or no UV inhibitors at all. This also causes the tint to fade faster. High quality car film tints provide the protection for our skin, blocking the UV rays that cause wrinkles, age spots, sun burn and even skin cancer.

These harmful rays also have bad effects for your vehicle’s interior parts, causing your upholstery fade faster and your dashboard crack.


Less protection during road accidents

Cheap tint films are much thinner than the high quality ones. If you meet an accident, these thin layers and sheets can’t really hold the shattered glass together, making the situation harder for everybody in the wrecked car.


No guarantee

Poor quality tints are rarely guaranteed by the manufacturer, and this is because these companies tend to have a good idea that their work isn’t going to last. This means that after purchasing, you’re on your own.

Most of the time, the price of the higher quality tints covers the name of the company and their guarantee that their products will last a long time and do their job perfectly fine. Don’t mind paying the extra if you can sleep soundly at night, knowing someone’s got your back.


People often think that they are saving money by selecting a cheaper alternative, rather than investing in high quality, premium window tinting, but more often than not, this mistake comes back and haunt them in the future.

Choosing cheap window tinting is simply paying for the benefits, without actually getting it. The appearance of your car won’t improve, yet can look much worse, you won’t get UV protection and it is not reliable during accidents.

In the end, opting for the premium, high quality window tints means paying just a bit more at the outset and saving a lot more money in the long run. The price difference between cheap and premium window tinting may be overwhelming, but the results at the end of the day make everything worth it.