Common vehicular problems during winter [Infographics]

Winter is coming, and this means that the holiday season is also approaching. As the season of gift-giving and Santa Claus emerges, you should be prepared to take your car to the mall and back to your home. Daily maintenance and inspections can keep your old car running and being in good condition for the winter.

Remember to drive carefully on snowy roads as they are more slippery. You can adapt to this road by having tires that have a firm grip. Another thing you should watch out for is the common problems of most vehicles during winter. Here are some of the common issues that car owners face during winters.

Car battery 

During the winter, there is a big chance that your car battery may die. The worse that could happen is if your car battery dies in the middle of the road. It’s a good idea to have your battery tested every time there is a routine service on the vehicle. You can also have jumper cables or an extra battery at the trunk of your car.

Windshield wipers 

Your wipers are essential in getting the snow away from your windshield. However, they sometimes freeze to the windshield, and then the blades tear when the wipers are turned on. Sometimes, drivers only notice that their wipers are broken during rain or snow. Including wiper checks during inspections can solve this problem.

Spark plugs 

Car engines need more attention overall when the temperatures dip. Older spark plugs, in particular, can fail when it’s cold because they’re more susceptible to corrosion. That corrosion makes it hard for them to make a spark and can leave drivers out in the cold. Most people leave their spark plugs unattended until it is too late.

Tire pressure

hanging temperatures cause fluctuations in tire pressure: a temperature drop of 10 degrees will drop about 1 PSI from a tire. A 30-degree drop in the weather can cause the tire to have a PSI that is way lower than the recommended one. It is important to check tire pressure, so your traction and overall tire span would not be affected.


Locks can freeze during winter. According to AAA, frozen locks are the second most common problem in vehicles during winter, next to dead batteries. Especially in the North, drivers are being shut out of their cars. Hand sanitizers and de-icers can melt the ice because of its ethanol and isopropanol contents.


To stay ahead of this common winter problem, be sure to have your trusted auto technician, regularly check your oil, antifreeze, power steering, brake, and transmission fluids. Leaks can also occur; it helps to warm up your vehicles before driving them. Liquids can freeze or leak during this season.

Cold interior temperature

The temperature inside the car can be cold because of the weather and the AC unit. The good news is there is a heater present in every vehicle. However, there is an additional thing that you can do to is install window tints on your car. Window tints can prevent the cold from getting inside the vehicle.

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