Clean Your Car Windows Like a Pro

Not only for hygiene and aesthetic purposes but cleaning your car windows is also important for your safety. Seeing the road clearly is vital to preventing accidents. This is the reason why keeping your windows clean is better, to help you more in evaluating what’s going on around you.

Because of this, car wash companies are booming; the in-demand need to clean car windows have become more essential each day. However, it would be best to consider the time you may spend hiring a professional to do it, the money you will spend would be big also depending on how many times you would go there. Moreover, knowing how to clean your car windows properly could make a difference. This article would like to help you in terms of that matter.

Know the Right Cleaning Solution

Many cleaning materials would be offered to you when you asked around the various stores selling car cleaning solutions. There are many glass cleaning materials you can use and choose from. One thing that you should avoid getting is the one that contains ammonia.

Ammonia compounds are not great for tinted windows as they damage the film itself. The components of ammonia fumes can be dangerous to a closed environment, which is not good for your health.

Materials That You Should Use to Clean

After getting the right solution, it would be best to mind what materials you should get when you clean your car windows. Using clean cotton is fine, but it is recommended to use a microfiber towel. Consequently, please don’t use a cheap one as it will tear apart easily.

Dip only a side of the cloth in the water and use the other side to remove any signs of streaking. This method is for the outside of the windows only; when cleaning the inside, you must put extra effort into wiping it gently, especially if you have car tints.

When to Wash Your Car Windows?

Because you can now wash your car easily, it could be a perfect time to do it anytime you want. You can clean it whenever it gets dirty. While washing your car windows, remember to avoid washing them in the direct sunlight. It would help if you kept it out of the sun to avoid any damages.

Observing your actions while cleaning is better if you have window tints, as windows films can easily have scratches. You may work relatively in a small portion at a time.


Cleaning your car windows is not difficult at all if you know the basics. Having a clear window on your car improves the appearance of your vehicle and decreases the chances of stress you might get if they are dirty. Moreover, the need to go to the auto detailing company to let them wash your car windows may also lessen, which would help you save money.

Where to get your car windows tinted?

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