Causes of driving distractions

Millions of accidents occur in the United States alone every year. There are many reasons why accidents occur every day. However, the leading cause of accidents among drivers is drunk driving. Most of the time, accidents happen on Friday, the night before the weekend where most people hang out and drink.

On the other hand, distracted driving is also one of the main reasons why accidents happen. There are many reasons why a driver gets distracted when he/she gets on the road, and most of these reasons are dangerous. You can take steps to ensure that you get less distracted on the road, and here are these steps.

Being lost in thought 

There are times where we feel sad or angry. Sometimes, these emotions can get you distracted and lead to accidents. Driving with anger also increases your fuel usage as you tend to drive at a faster speed. Before taking the wheel, you should make sure that you are calm as driving needs precise concentration.

Mobile phone usage 

Perhaps, using your phone while driving is one of the main reasons why car accidents occur. Many experts compare using a cellphone while driving to drinking and driving because of the amount of time the driver’s eyes are off the road. If you need to answer an important call or text message, you should pull over to prevent accidents.

Driving under the influence 

The use of mind-altering substances such as alcohol, illicit drugs, or even prescription medication is a form of distracted driving. These substances make it difficult to focus your attention on the road, and alcohol delays your response time as well. It would be best if you never tried to drive whenever you are intoxicated as you endanger you and another person.

Driving with a dog 

Yes, your pets can cause a distraction if they are not well-trained. If you are driving with an untrained dog, you should at least have a pet restraint. To avoid distractions (and keep your pet safe if you crash), make sure to put it in a backseat-friendly kennel or seat before you hit the highway. You should also train the obedience of your pet.

Car radio 

Your favorite jams in the morning can get you crashing. According to a study, novice drivers who loudly blasted their favorite tunes were prone to far more errors and miscalculations than those who were quiet. Music can distract you from driving as it can hinder you from concentrating on the road.


Glare and sunlight

The glare that comes from headlights and sunlight can drastically affect your driving. They can hinder your vision and sometimes cause accidents. The best way to prevent glare is by installing window tints on your vehicular windows and windshield. Window tints also make your car more durable.

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