Can you tint at home despite the COVID-19 epidemic (Infographic)

The world is currently suffering from a deadly pandemic that has infected millions of people around the world and has presently killed hundreds of thousands of people. The virus is known to be the Coronavirus Disease of 2019 or also called as COVID-19. Because of this pandemic, most businesses are closed and unable to operate.

Most enterprises under the automobile industry are also affected by this situation. If you wish to have your windows tinted, you would mostly have to wait until the quarantine is over. The question that should come in mind is if a private vehicle owner could tint in the comfort and safety of their home.

But first, we should know the necessary information about COVID-19.


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So, what is COVID-19?

A coronavirus is a common virus that infects the nose, sinuses, and throat. Most coronaviruses are not dangerous. However, COVID-19 is a different strain of coronavirus because it can affect the upper (nose, throat, and sinuses) and lower (trachea and lungs) respiratory tract.

COVID-19 originated in Wuhan, China, last December from bats. Like most coronaviruses, COVID-19 is caused by person-to-person contact and not through aerial transmissions like what most people think. Some symptoms of COVID-19 are fever, coughing, shortness of breath, fatigue, body aches, headaches, and sore throat.

The virus can lead to pneumonia, respiratory failure, septic shock, and death. World governments mandate social distancing, and most countries are now in quarantine to flatten the curve. No one knows how long the virus will last, but scientists and researchers are doing their best to develop a vaccine.

Can I get my windows tinted despite the quarantine? 

Despite the situation that the world is suffering from, there are still ways to have your windows tinted. If there are window tinting companies that offer mobile window tinting, you might have a difficult time finding a tinting store that will go to your home due to the quarantine. However, you can tint your car windows by yourself.

You might wonder where to find the tools needed for your tinting project. The materials should not be a worry because there are still couriers and deliveries available despite the virus. You can easily purchase the materials needed for the tinting project online, and they will surely have them by your doorstep within the day.

Once you gathered all the materials needed, you can easily find tons of video tutorials and blogs on how to tint your car windows on your own. Make sure that you are going to perform the tinting in a closed area where dust particles are not present. These tutorials provide the right procedure and materials that you should use.


The world is facing a difficult time today, and we should stay home to be safe. We should also never forget to thank all the frontliners who go toe-to-toe with the virus. The silver lining of these times is the chance for us to learn new skills like window tinting. We should utilize the time and protect our loved ones during this situation.

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