All about ceramic window tints (Infographic)

There are types of window tints that you can use for your windows. Many citizens of the United Kingdom still use the standard films that can last up to two years if the windows are taken care of properly. However, what most people do not know is there is a variation of tint films that you can use.

One of the excellent choices, or perhaps the best for some car enthusiasts, is ceramic window tints. Ceramic window tints have the capability of metallic films without interfering with the signal of your electronics. We at Global Tint recommend that you use this kind of film to have maximum protection on your money’s worth.

Before giving ceramic window tints a try, here are some pointers that give you an idea of what these films can offer.

All about ceramic window tints


What are ceramic window tints? 

Ceramic window tints are films that are made of ceramic-based particles that are not visible to the naked eye. A good quality that ceramic tints possess is that they do not have darker shades, which means that you can see better while being protected. And unlike most films, ceramic tints have no color and stay visually-appealing over time.

What are the benefits of having ceramic window tints? 

Having ceramic window tints have tremendous benefits for your car, and here are some of them.


Ceramic window tints are one of the best window films in terms of strength. Ceramic window tints can last for up to five years if installed correctly. Ceramic window tints can last more if you tend to take care of your roof.

Infrared light blocking 

Infrared light is a type of wavelength that humans have to deal with. Infrared can bring adverse effects if humans are exposed long enough. The good news is ceramic windows can protect you from this harmful radiation. Ceramic windows blocks 90% of infrared entering the vehicle, which makes your interior cooler.

UV blocking 

UV rays are proven harmful to the skin and your interior. If exposed for long, UV rays can cause wrinkles and even cancer to the skin. Ceramic films can prevent these conditions from happening as they block 99% of UV rays.

Glare resistance 

Ceramic tints are ideal for driving because they are transparent, which means that you can still see at night without hindrance. Ceramic shades also reduce glare that comes from headlights and sunlight. The ceramic particles absorb the light that comes through the light rays resulting in glare reduction.

Are ceramic films only available for cars? 

No, ceramic films can also be used in the house and commercial business windows. They are an ideal choice. Yes, ceramic films can be more expensive than regular films, but the benefits it brings is something that tells you that the price is worth it.

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