Advantages of Energy Efficient Windows [Infographics]

More homeowners are looking for ways to increase their home’s energy efficiency – using power efficiently to avoid energy waste and help care for the environment. Conserving energy is beneficial for both the public and private sectors as this lessens greenhouse gas emissions and reduces demand for non-renewable resources such as oil and coal.

Furthermore, having a more energy-efficient home is a smart investment that can help households save money from reduced energy bills in the long run. Homeowners can boost their home’s energy efficiency by replacing old or run-down appliances, using more energy-efficient lights, and insulating their roof and walls. In addition, investing in energy-efficient windows is also an excellent way to conserve more energy.

Benefits of Energy-Efficient Windows

Increased Insulation

Energy-efficient windows can help increase your home’s insulation, ensuring lesser chances of air seepage through the window’s glass, sash, frame. By reducing the amount of air leakage, your home can keep a cool temperature in the summer months and maintain a warm temperature during the winter season.

UV Protection

Regular windows tend to allow more sunlight to enter the home, which essentially exposes you and your home’s interior upholstery to ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Excessive exposure to UV rays can pose health risks to people and cause wood, paint, cloth, and furniture to fade or incur damage.

Conversely, energy-efficient windows can reduce the amount of UV radiation entering your home, protecting you and your home from the harmful effects of this electromagnetic radiation emitted by the sun.

Lower Energy Consumption

As energy-efficient windows provide better insulation and block most UV radiation, you no longer have to rely heavily on your HVAC system to keep your home stay warm and comfortable. Reducing your energy consumption can lower utilities and monthly energy bills, enabling you to save money.

How to Make Your Existing Windows More Energy-Efficient?

There are various ways to improve the energy efficiency of your windows, including applying caulk or weather stripping to the window’s sash and frame and installing window coverings.

Sealing gaps by applying window caulk or weather stripping to the window’s sash and frame can prevent air seepage, enabling you to maintain your home’s warm temperature. Accordingly, installing window coverings such as curtains can also help you stay comfortable inside your home. Although curtains do not make the windows more efficient, these can still block some of the drafts coming from the windows.

Aside from these, window tinting Bristol can also help make the windows more energy efficient. Window tint films have UV blocking properties that can enable the windows to minimize heating and cooling loss. This allows you to conserve your home’s heat in the winter and repel heat in the summer season without using much of your HVAC system. Consequently, limiting your HVAC system usage lets you save money on your utility bills in the long run.

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