6 Habits That Might Be Detrimental to Your Tinted Car Windows [Infographics]

Installing window tints on your car’s glass windows can be considered a significant investment. Window tint films can improve your vehicle’s visual aesthetics, provide you comfort when driving, as well as offer you protection against excessive exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Therefore, it is crucial to keep your tinted windows in good condition. As a car owner, you know that certain driving habits can be detrimental to your vehicle’s engine and systems; hence, you avoid these habits to keep your car running in optimal condition. This is also the same for your tinted car windows.

Here are six habits that you need to avoid to keep your tinted car windows in good condition and to improve their longevity.

Ignoring Deformities on Your Tint

Deformities like bubbles, scratches, peeling edges, wrinkles, and even hardened water spots can develop in your tint films over time. However, while these defects are common on aging tint films, ignoring and leaving them can further damage your window tints.

When you see these imperfections on your window tint, it is vital to fix them as soon as possible. Although you can use DIY methods to fix common window tint problems such as bubbling or peeling of tint and evident marks of hardened water spots, a certain extent of deformities can be too tedious to fix. If it does, hiring a window tinting company might be a more practical option.

Using Abrasive Cleaners

Not all types of window cleaning products can be used to clean your tinted auto windows. Some products contain ammonia which can be too chemically abrasive on your window tint – it can eat away the tint film’s material or cause discoloration.

You have to be extra cautious when selecting a cleaning product and materials for your car windows.  It is advisable to use soapy water or mild cleaning products and soft or microfiber cloths when cleaning the windows to ensure that your tints’ durability and longevity are not compromised.

Parking Under Direct Sunlight for Too Long

While car window tints protect the vehicle’s interior from UV rays, solar heat, and other electromagnetic radiation emitted by the sun, they cannot withstand extreme heat and prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

Parking out in the open and under direct sunlight for too long can lead to significant damage not only to your tint but also to your vehicle’s upholstery. Harsh sun rays can cause the tint to dry or crack as well as cause the car’s interior to crack or fade.

Smoking Inside Your Vehicle

It is no secret that smoking is harmful to your health and can be extremely dangerous for your lungs. But besides this fact, smoking inside your vehicle can also be harmful to your car’s interior and window tints.

Smoking cigarettes in your car can stink up its upholstery. Even when you roll down your windows while smoking, burn marks and smoke pollution can still settle inside your vehicle. This is because contaminants in the cigarette bond with certain materials in the car, causing the discoloration of car interior parts and retention of smell.

Leaving Old Tints for Far Too Long

Like other things, window tint films have a life expectancy, and generally, high-quality tints last for at least five years. However, their longevity also depends on various factors, including the quality of tint film, quality of installation, care and maintenance routine, and UV light exposure.

When your window tint films reach their expected lifespan or they have become dull and have visible damage. Aged tints that have faded, peeled off, wrinkles, or bubble formation can obstruct your view while driving. Therefore, it is best to consult with a professional window tinting service when your tint films have gotten old.

Installing New Tints Over Old Tints

Installing new tints over old ones can result in uneven colouration and smoothness. Thereby, the best practice is to remove the old shade, even when it does not have extensive scratches, peeling, or other damages, before new tints are installed on your car windows.

While you can take off your old tints by following DIY methods on removing window tints safely, you can leave the job to professional window tinters if you do not have the confidence or skills to do so. They can ensure that the removal process of the tint films from your car’s windows is conducted safely and correctly. In addition, they can also assist you in the installation of a new set of window tint films on your glass windows.

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