5 Ways to Protect Your Car From Smash and Grab Criminals (Infographic)

Not all the things that happen during the holiday season is bright and happy. Although most people may embrace the Christmas cheer and spirit, some mat take advantage of the busy streets and shopping people, assuming that they bring more money with them as usual. Like they say, desperate times call for desperate measures. A few may try to rob other people just so they can provide for this family this season. But, Smash and Grab accidents don’t just happen during the holidays, in fact crimes don’t really have a specific season.

The name Smash-Grab came from the actions criminals do to one’s vehicle: They break a window (Smash) and take all the valuables they can as quick as they can (Grab).  Although some cases of Smash and grabs don’t involve thieves and experienced criminals. Some perpetrators could also be just impulsive vandals.

Contrary to majority of car owners’ belief, car alarms are not really a great precautionary measure and isn’t going to do much to prevent a Smash and Grab burglary. By the time you or the authorities are notified, the perpetrators have already taken as much as they can go away with.

So how can car owners protect their car and belongings? Here are 5 tips you can follow:Ways to Protect Your Car From Smash and Grab Criminals