5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Ceramic Window Tints

Many people are aware of the different window tinting types used for car, building, home, and boat windows. Generally, materials used for window films include polyesters, dyes, and metal. Today, there’s a new option whose popularity continues to increase – ceramic window film.Others might questionceramic’s capabilities as it is often used to make opaque objects such as electrical conductors and optics. However, this invention by technology proves why it’s the highest quality of window film at present.

Even though it is pricier than other films, it gives greater savings in the long-term. Furthermore, it helps protect the vehicle and decrease health problems.

Here are five reasons why you should choose a ceramic window tint.


UV & Glare Protection

Some worry that tinting their windows will make the interior too dark – this is true with the other types of window films, but not with ceramic – it does not obscure the vision inside-out.

Ceramic window tint protects passengers from solar damage and the vehicle’s interior from fading and degradation – it can block up to 99% of the sun’s harmful rays, but not necessarily natural light. Moreover, it rejects heat while maintaining a factory glass appearance. Also, it only lets five to 50% of light enter the car – reducing the glare as you drive.

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 Signal Interference-Free

Other types of window films have metal woven into the fabric – this construction technique helps prevent UV rays and heat from entering the window. However, it can interfere with the signal transmission, which means that issues on Wi-Fi signals or cellphone coverage in using metal window film may occur. On the other hand, ceramic window film retains UVA, UVB, and heat blockage properties,but the comfort and functionality of a great window film stay.


Durability and Security

Apart from other tints, ceramic offers extreme durability – acting as an armor for the car, home, and business windows. The hard-shell-like protection it offers does not get easily broken nor will deter – significantly slowing down any deed by criminals. If ever you are an intended victim or robbery or carjacking, this extra layer of security makes a difference.


Cost-effectiveness and Longevity

Low-quality window films fade – they turn purple and bulge over time. Hence, your home’s appearance will get affected. Furthermore, the films will lose their protective properties. Ceramic window films don’t fade; they last long – they keep their original look and property for the coming years. If you’ll consider longevity as a benefit, it’s better to pay for a slightly higher price; rather than buying cheaper films and realizing they need replacement just after a couple of years.


Less Wear and Tear

Heavy usage is the main reason why AC units experience damage, especially during the summer. Once you apply ceramic window tint for your car’s windows, you are taking the constant burden from the air conditioner – ceramic window tint has heat-rejecting properties.

Ceramic window tints serve a ton of benefits.However, make sure to choose the best quality product to ensure maximum effectiveness. Global Tint UK is an experienced window tinting service in Portsmouth.Don’t hesitate to call us today on0800-158-8005 if you are looking for a ceramic window tint for your home, car, and business.