5 Common Causes of Car Glass Damage

Cars need to be maintained to ensure its longevity, but several factors such as travel, extreme temperature, and weather changes can make maintaining your car much difficult. Indeed, you must regularly check and maintain your vehicle’s battery and engine, but your car is more than that. To ensure a safe driving experience, you must also take care of your car’s exterior and interior parts. And one of the most prominent car parts that need your attention is your auto’s glass.

Your car glass includes the windshield, rear windscreen, windows, and sometimes even a glass roof. All these are meant to protect the interior of your vehicle. Auto glasses were built to be stronger than regular glasses, but that does not mean it is safe from getting damaged. In this article, we will show you five common reasons why your car glasses get damaged.

Car Accidents or Theft

Excellent quality of car glass would not break easily. However, when exposed to unfortunate incidents such as car collisions or theft, they can break just like regular glasses.

In an instance of thievery, thieves smash auto glasses to steal the things you have left inside your car. Whenever this happens, thieves usually target the side window as it allows them to have easy access inside your car and flee the scene quickly.

Another instance of an unfortunate cause of car glass damage happens during road accidents. Car glasses are prone to breakage due to the impact. This happens primarily when a head-on collision occurs.

To avoid being a victim of these situations, remember to practice safe driving and have a mechanic check your vehicle from time to time. You must also remember to avoid parking your car in dark areas where no one can see it. Being cautious would not only save your vehicle from any of these unfortunate events but could also protect your life.

Extreme Temperature

It is a known fact that too much of everything is damaging, which applies to your car glasses too. If you live in a country where the weather and temperature shift drastically, beware, for your car glasses may be at higher risk of developing cracks.

Although automotive glasses were designed to minimize thermal strain, it is still inevitable that exposure to extreme weather changes can eventually damage them. To avoid this, try to park your vehicle in a climate-controlled area. If you are outside, trees that can provide shade and protection from the harsh sun can be your aid.

Incorrect Installation

Auto glasses are installed in your cars even before you buy it. This is why you have to make sure that your car glasses are correctly installed. Incorrect car glasses installation can leave a loose fit and eventually a cracked glass.

If you have noticed a visible vibration or a reverberating noise with your car glasses, make sure to have it checked right away by a professional. In addition, you have to have your auto glasses adjusted properly to avoid further damages.

Low-Quality Glass

Time is one of the pieces of evidence that can prove a car part’s quality. High-quality car glasses would stand the test of time and would not break easily. Although there are inexpensive and affordable car glasses, you have to ensure that your car glasses are of top quality. Some companies use low-quality glass and will lure in customers by offering low prices. Do not get fooled by this as it will only cause you more problems in the future. A low-quality glass cracks easily and could not support safety functions appropriately.

To avoid being stressed out about changing your car glasses after some time, choose a reputable company that ensures the use of high-quality glasses.

Road Debris

If you love traveling or using your car everyday, road debris is nothing new anymore. However, the small and hard debris traveling fast in the air can get thrown at your car windows, and its impact might cause damage to your auto glasses. You can do nothing much as road debris will always be there on the roads, but you can lessen the damage it can do. It is a general rule to reduce your speed whenever you are overtaking and leave ample space between you and the vehicle in front of you; by doing these, you can reduce the chance of your car glasses getting damaged by road debris.

In conclusion, auto glass damage is not something you can’t avoid. However, there are ways for you to keep your car glasses in tip-top shape. In addition to this, installing a window tint adds an extra layer of protection for your car glasses. To install a window tint, you must look for a reputable company that can do the job for you. And Global Tint is that company.

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