advantage of car tint

Window Tinting Can Save Your Life!

window car tinting
While many people may view window tints as just merely another decorative touch and added aesthetic for their cars, these thin sheets of film can actually draw [...]

Reasons To Tint Your Vehicle (Infographic)

Reasons to Tint Your Car
A car owner’s preference in having it tinted or not is usually decided on a variety of reasons. Some wanted it for the added privacy, while some like car [...]

The Dangers of Leaving your Dog Inside the Car

Dog Inside the Car
Not every pet owner knows the dangers of leaving their pets inside a parked car. Many would assume that if its not that hot outside, or if it’s just for a [...]

6 Benefits of Car Tint (Infographic)

benefits of car tint
Tinting your car may be an easy decision, but it is usually installed for the usual reason of privacy. But, did you know that there are other benefits of car [...]