Basic car inspections during the quarantine (Infographic)

We are currently suffering from a deadly pandemic that has affected millions of lives around the world. The Coronavirus Disease of 2019 (also known as COVID-19) is a disease that came from the city of Wuhan, China, and is known to come from bats. COVID-19 was discovered in December last year.

Because of this pandemic, there are strict restrictions on who is allowed to go outside, and everyone is required to stay at home. Quarantine and lockdowns are mandated by governments around the world to flatten the curve of the disease. The restrictions of authorities may leave your vehicle unchecked.

You may think that many mechanics and vehicle inspectors are closed because of the quarantine. Some shops are open, and at the same time, you can inspect the vehicle yourself. Here are some ways to get your car checked during this pandemic.

Basic car inspections during the quarantine-01

Some inspection stations prioritize social distancing. 

Many companies adopt during this pandemic and make sure that their employees and customers practice social distancing. Automobile inspection stores and centers are not different. These establishments mostly have brief or even no contact with the vehicle owner with any of their staff members.

Some people even have their waiting room closed, or only a handful of people are allowed at a time. For example, if you want to have your windows tinted, the tinting company may require you to distance yourself from their workers. Mobile window tinting is also an option that most window tinting companies have.

Many companies disinfect 

The virus will not spread once you kill it, and one way of killing the virus is through disinfection. A worker at a certified inspection station must drive your car to their station to do the testing. And because the virus may be inside your vehicle, these workers disinfect the interior of your car before proceeding to the inspection.

Customers are allowed to take personal disinfectant wipes or spray to the inspection station. Customers can disinfect their private vehicles before and after the inspection. Disinfection does not only have to be done in the interior of the car. You can also clean the windshield, windshield wiper, exterior door, and car keys.

Do the inspections yourself

Inspecting your vehicle will take you as much as a couple of hours. This is a great pastime since most of you are at home, and work is dismissed. You can start by checking if your brakes work perfectly. Then, you can now proceed to check the lights, gas, and water in your vehicle.

We at Global Tint highly encourage that you stay at home during this pandemic for you to be safe from the virus. Let us remind you that you need to wash your hand, wear face masks when going outside, and eat healthy as well. And if you want to have your windows tinted, you can always go to Global Tint UK.

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