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Are you risking yourself from UV radiation while driving? (Infographic)

Are you risking yourself from UV radiation while driving
Do you think you’re protected from the heat of the sun, as well as the dangers to your health it can cause you, when you’re safe and sound inside the [...]

Dangers of choosing 3-Day Training Tint Companies (Infographic)

Car Tinting, like art should not be rushed in any aspects applicable. No experts are made overnight—or in this case, three days. There are a lot of things [...]

Most Common Levels of Window Tint (Infographic)

Levels of Window Tint
Many car owners who are still deciding whether to have their cars tinted are often overwhelmed with all the factors to consider. Some consider the whole [...]

Why car tinting matters to your pets (Infographic)

Why car tinting matters to your pets
While a dog seated on the driver’s seat maybe cute and funny to look at, did you know that you are exposing your pet onto much more danger than it looks? [...]

Is your child safer in a tinted vehicle?

Is your child safer in a tinted vehicle
Tinting your car windows is one of the most effective ways of adding security and privacy for drivers who spend majority of their time inside their cars. [...]

How Does Tinting Help In Temperature Control And UV Protection?

Car Driving in the Sun
One of the most important benefits of having your car windows tinted is the protection it gives from the harmful rays of the sun and regulating the [...]

Summer Roadtrip Tips in the UK (Infographic)

Summer Roadtrip Tips in the UK
Road trips can be a quite fun and memorable experience. However, it requires thorough planning beforehand so that you can make the most out of it. It’s [...]

Professional Care of Your Vehicle This Summer

summer travel car
With summer’s high temperatures, flurries of dust and dirt, and occasional rain your vehicle can go through a lot in a span of months, taking a toll on [...]

Choosing Your Window Tint Shade (Infographic)

Choosing your window tint shade-02
Deciding on the type of tint you want to be installed on your vehicle should vary depending on the reason why you are having your vehicle tinted in the first [...]

The Dangers of Not Having Your Car Tinted

car window tinting
Window tinting may seem that it serves the aesthetic purpose alone, but in reality, having your windows tinted will help prevent these five dangers to your [...]

Prolonging Your Tint’s Lifespan (Infographic)

Prolonging your tint
Like anything you will be doing for the first time, it is only normal for car owners who will go through tinting their vehicles to feel nervous when they [...]

Tint Removal 101

car window tinted care
Everything deteriorates with time and age—even your vehicle in all of its sums and parts. Over time, its engine, interior, and even installed window [...]

How to Prepare Your Car for the Summertime (Infographic)

How to Prepare Your Car for the Summertime-02
More than your skin and hair, the sun can also pose a threat to your vehicle, especially when exposed under direct sunlight over a long period or time, with [...]

How the Sun Damages Your Car (Infographic)

How the sun damages your car-02
Summer is the most awaited time for many. It is the time to go on breaks, vacations, and do a lot of travelling, be it international or within state. This is [...]

UVA vs UVB: What’s the Difference? (Infographic)

It’s almost the summertime! And while it is generally acceptable to ‘get some sun’ during holidays, it does not lessen the fact that harmful rays from [...]

Factors to consider before buying a DIY Car Tint (Infographic)

Factors to consider before buying a DIY Car Tint
Deciding to just purchase a DIY car tinting kit off the market today is very tempting. Why not? DIY kits wont be available for sale if it is impossible for [...]

What is Nano-Tinting Technology? (Infographic)

Nano-Tinting Technology
Car window tinting has come a long way from its roots and ancient history. As the technology advances more each day, experts are discovering newer ways on how [...]

Tips in Preparing Your Car in Spring (Infographic)

Tips in preparing your car in spring
Spring is arguably one of the best seasons for car owners. Aside from the desirable weather conditions, it is also one of the perfect time to prepare for [...]