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Window Tint Care - How to Look after Your Window Tints

After the installation of window film, it is very common to see a slight haziness and/or small water pockets. This is a normal part of the adhesive bonding process called "curing". It may take up to 30 days for the film to be fully cured - depending on the weather conditions. This curing process is slow because the remaining water used in installation takes time to evaporate.

Once the film is dry and cured, it is then safe for the film to be cleaned. The best cleaner is a simple solution of water and a small amount of soap. Clean the window and then squeegee dry with overlapping strokes in the same way you would clean the outside of your car windows. You may also clean the film surface with any normal strength glass cleaner. Products with ammonia will not damage the film if used in reasonable quantities and if the film is not left to soak in it. Do not use any abrasive cleaners, industrial strength glass cleaners and/or any other window cleaning tools that may scratch the window film. The surface of the film is coated with a scratch resistant not scratchproof coating.

We strongly recommend that you do not roll your tinted windows down until they are completely dry.